Counterintuitive Health Tips: Would You Adapt it?

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We are always trying to be following some intuitive tips. What your common sense tells you are the best may be the best option you may find then. But of course there can be counter intuitive options which you may find not to be too helpful at first but nevertheless, they are helpful.
Later, we will discuss some of these tips. And you will try to judge them as it is. But remember to keep and open mid first. So here we go.

The Not-So-Common Tips

1. Whiten teeth by brushing less. I told you, they are countering what you usually believe. ADA or the American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day and not every time you eat a meal. Constant brushing can erode enamel in the teeth. It makes them weaker too. This will keep your teeth more prone to cavities.

2. When you bloat drink more water. Bloating is your body’s answer to dropping liquid levels. It holds water. But bloating can be caused by certain salty snacks and skipping of water. So drink more water instead.

3. To prevent breakouts, eat more chocolates. You may think that a consumption of chocolate and grease may contribute to your breakout, but then it may be unfounded. Chocolate is good for the skin, it contains flavanoid. It reduces inflammation as well as redness which can be good for the skin. It improves blood flow too.

4. Feel happy by spending less time of talking about your problem. You may found the advice that talk with your friends as a way to alleviate a heavy heart but then complaining might not have done it good. When you complain you are only rendered helpless later. You will feel worse too. Instead smile and thank your life for being so imperfectly perfect.

5. IF your want to lose weight, then gain weight. Meaning you gain fat, transform it into muscle which is kind of heavier than fat. This will be noticed after you realized that you are a dress size smaller. So once your scale goes up, don’t panic.

Now what to do?

OF course you can try to follow these things. They are tips to live by which may be helpful for you. You can even try and spread them with your friends. We all that that there are lots of points and tips to remember that littered the internet such as anti-wrinkle treatments, anti-weight gain tips, etc. but then try a variety of them all, that makes life happier and more adventurous.

Try out new things and never fear the above things. You’re afraid of not brushing? Try it. Afraid of bloating more? Drink on it. Afraid of gaining weight? Gain it and lose it. And feeling a bit complain-y? Smile and drop it all at once. Never let everything linger, especially the negative ones.

Thinking too hard may be causing you to look old. So instead be young and maintain that youthful glow by smiling and keeping in touch with the above tips.

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