Crafty Christmas Projects For Your Kids

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Christmas is the time of year where all kids get excited, they are looking forward to 2 weeks off school, food, visiting santa and of course opening their presents on Christmas day. In the build up to it they often get giddy and will be happy to do almost anything christmas related so why not take advantage of this and get them doing some crafts to aid their creative side. In this article I will give a few ideas of different items to make for Christmas.

Christmas Cards

A homemade Christmas card always means much more than a store bought one especially if you get your kids to make them for their mum and/or dad, it is the kind of card you will keep for many years to come as a reminder of them when they were younger. It doesn’t take much effort on your behalf either, you just need to buy some paper and accessories like glitter, glue and some stars from a site like Paper Cutz and then let their creative side take over.


Snowflakes are a really nice home made decoration that are oh so simple to make. Why not set the kids a project to make 20 of them and then attach them all to a piece of string and hang them somewhere in the house. You could even write ‘Happy Christmas’ across them. Snowflakes are simple to make, all it takes is a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, simply fold the paper up in to quarters or eighths and then cut in to the outside edge of it and unfold to see what pattern you have created.beautiful-holidays-snowflakes

Letter To Santa

Get them to make and write their list to santa, you can tell them that santa reads the best ones first so take care and make them look good. Try and get them to perhaps make a scroll, use tea bags and rub them on the paper to give it an ages look and then supervise then whilst burning the edges of the page. Get them to write their list out and then tie the scroll up with some red ribbon and perhaps a wax seal on the outside of it if you want to get really exotic with it!

Present Wrapping

If you don’t fancy wrapping all of your presents to friends and relatives them maybe consider getting your kids to help you out. They’ll be excited at the prospect of wrapping and will really enjoy it. You can buy them ribbon and bows to use to make them look even better.

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