How To Create Your Very Own Man Cave

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The ‘man cave’ has become some what of a cult phenomenon in recent years. As the gamer generation has grown up they have wanted to continue playing games and on the whole wives and girlfriends either aren’t a fan of them or get sick of not being able to watch the TV because their husband/boyfriend are using it all the time. Combine this with amount of football most men want to watch and the fact they they love to watch it with lots of other loud men and you can full understand where the need for man caves came from!

The first step is to decide on a location. Depending on how lucky (or unlucky) you are you could quite easily either transform a bedroom or reception room in to the man cave, this is what most people do as it’s easier to set everything up in there. Other places that are quite often used are lofts, cellars and Heavy Duty Sheds in the back garden. Obviously if you are putting electronics in then a shed isn’t the easiest or safest place to house them but if it going to be more of a meeting place of somewhere for a band to practice or to go and play pool then it does the job well.

Once you have a suitable location then it’s time to kit it out. Most man caves have dark walls and ceiling with some LED lighting in to make it look nice and modern and then of course the obligotary huge flat screen TV on the wall with surround sound connected up to it and Sky TV for the football linked up. It will also have a games console, a mini fridge to hold the beers and some very comfortable leather recliner chairs to slump back in and spend hours on end sat down.

If you do it correctly then your husband/boyfriend will have no problem disappearing for hours on end leaving you with plenty of time to either get some quiet time or invite your own friends round without the fear of being disturbed endlessly.

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