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What are the best curtains for your living room?

Jul 8 • Lifestyle • 3383 Views • No Comments on What are the best curtains for your living room?

I like to keep my home looking nice and up to date with the latest home fashion trends. At the moment, there seems to be a big focus on dressings your windows correctly – particularly in the living room. Choosing the right curtains for your living room can be simple and I thought I’d write this article to share my top tips with you.

First of all, it’s important to choose the right colour curtains. I like to decorate my living room in neutral shades and then I use the accessories to add some personality – at the moment I have a lime sofa with matching lime curtains … they really stand out and make the room pop. The colour that you choose for your room can change the whole vibe – a deep colour will make it feel luxurious and a bright colour will help to lift the room and give it a fresh feel.

The best curtains for your living room are the type that will make an impact when you first walk in. One of the first things that people notice when walking in a room is the windows so you have to make sure you dress them correctly. I like to choose curtains that will stand out but if you prefer to have more subtle curtains then go for some with a plain design in a neutral colour.

Choosing the right material of curtains is another really important factor there are lots of different options to choose from including silk, cotton and chenille. During the winter it’s worth investing in a pair of really thick curtains as they will help to block out any draughts and keep your home nice and cosy. If you use thick curtains made of a nice material such as chenille then you’ll find it creates a luxurious feel in your living room too.

One thing that I suggest doing is having a look at online blogs for curtains inspiration as well as Pinterest and home style magazines. Keeping up to date with the latest trends is simple if you keep a look out on these platforms. You don’t have to spend a fortune on curtains for your living room; if you keep your eyes peeled on soft furnishings websites then you’ll spot some fantastic offers available.

Measuring up for your curtains is really simple and you’ll find lots of guides online that will explain how to do this. If you like to watch films during the day in your living room, I would recommend attaching a blackout curtain lining to your curtains. This is a good ideas as it will block out all sunlight and you’ll create your own little cinema.

Once you’ve chosen the right curtains, crack on with finding some matching tie backs. You might find that your curtains come with matching tie backs but if not, try to pick out tie backs that will colour-coordinate with the curtains. I like to use delicate sparkly tie backs to add a touch of glamour to my living room.

Hillary Ealey is the Home Improvement & Home Décor Guru. The products  here are reviewed by Tonys Textiles.

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