Make Sure You Don’t Forget These Trade Show Essentials

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Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products. They’re held throughout the year and gather individuals interested in the same field providing them with the chance to network. Attending one can be costly, but the potential net return can make it well worth your time. However, in order for the return to be positive, you will need a professional looking exhibit. You must make sure you have certain basic yet essential supplies before arriving at the conference. By preparing yourself before hand you ensure your trade show exhibit will be effective in meeting your goals.

  • Office Supplies

Make sure you have enough markers, pads and pens. Pens are extremely useful in bulk as people tend to walk away with them very often. Also, keep a notepad handy in case you make a contact and need to write down important information for future reference. It’s best to fill in the information in the notepad before the conversation ends. Markers and poster boards allow you to make emergency signage if the need arises.

  • Refreshments

You’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet, talking to existing clients or prospective ones, showcasing your product or service and exchanging contact details. Additionally, there must always be someone present at the booth, which means taking lunch breaks will be difficult. Carrying snacks and refreshments with you such as trail mix or even water can quell hungry stomachs and also provide energy. The selection of snacks you want to carry must be carefully decided. The last thing attendees will want to see are crumbs all over your display.

  • Portable Tablets, Computers, Support and Back-up Equipment

Support equipment means battery charges, power cords, or anything else you may need to keep your tablets and computers going all day. Carry back-ups to ensure you don’t have to do without your digital equipment during the event in case of malfunctions. The equipment will be necessary for keeping track of any developments which influence how you may approach future conversations. Having a digital service or product catalogue on your computer will help you show these items to potential clients. Also, make sure you have access to fast internet.

  • External Storage

Along with all your computer equipment, also carry external storage devices. Information on your laptop can be easily lost if it gets damaged. Having an external storage backup means in case you lose your computer, you’ll have a back-up of that information stored.

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm for your service or product and show off your business. Remember this is an opportunity to network and make new connections; some of which may even last a lifetime.

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