Five Easy to Do Daily Physical Exercises

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Overwhelmed by the idea of daily physical exercise? Well, you’re not alone! But you won’t actually let the fear of exercise get in the way of your healthy self, will you?


Get started with these easy to do routines that will turn daily exercising into your favorite part of the day.


1. Nordic Walking


Nordic walking is suited for people of all age groups and can be used as a full body exercise that is as easy as it is advantageous. Those with joint conditions, weight problems or other physical limitations can begin with slow walk and slowly pick up pace with comfort. Others can use it to improve their fitness, lose extra pounds and tone the body in the process.


2. Yoga


Yoga is easy going in terms of time, space and resource requirements. You can do five minutes of breathing and posture exercises or spend an hour or more connecting with your inner self, developing flexibility, building strength and balance and so on. Daily yoga is also good for skin and lifts your mood.


3. Cycling


Cycling is fun, easy and will prove to be exceptionally beneficial for your lower body and also the cardiovascular system. Cycle early in the morning or late in the afternoon and you can breathe fresh air while you cycle your way through a heart-troubles-free life.


It is important however to choose a bicycle appropriate for your height and weight. You will want to pay special attention to the height of the handlebars and saddles.


4.  Hitting the playground


Outdoor playgrounds are multi – functional. You can use a game of catch to bond with your kid, walk the dog, power walk through the field with your spouse or jog around with other exercise buddies. Throw in an amicable, Lycra – free environment and you have at your hands an easy way of working out daily in a manner that wont even feel like exercise.


5. Dancing


Dancing for fitness is an easy way to complete your quota of daily physical exercise. Dancing helps in weight loss, maintaining strength of bones, improving balance, increasing muscle strength, improving posture and coordination as well as beating stress. Choose your music, choose your style and you can easily jump, jive, shake, tap or tango your way to good health and well being everyday.

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