How To Edit Existing Photographs On Photoshop

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Many people have childhood or wedding photographs that were taking 20 years or more ago, they are often faded or slightly blurred as they were taken on much older (non digital) cameras and have had years in the sun to affect the colouring on them. It is actually possible now to scan your old photos in and edit them on your computer before re-printing them, this article will tell you how to go about it. I have been to a wedding photographers in Birmingham who actually offer this service professionally, some however just offer photography services.

First of all you will need to buy a photo scanner, there are hundreds of these available online now and they are all very good as the technology is a few years old. They range in price anywhere from £70 – £250 and have a variety of different features. If you still have the negatives from your photos then you can scan those directly in to it and get a much better quality image than if you just scan an existing photo in. When it comes to editing your photo later on it just makes that stage a little easier if you have the negatives as the colours are cleaner and purer.

Once you have scanned your photos in to your computer you can go ahead and download Adobe Photoshop CS2 if you don’t already have it, as it has been out for so long Adobe have now released it as a free download on their website which is a great offer as it normally costs around £400 to purchase. Open your photos in Photoshop and then go straight to ‘Image’ in the top menu and go to ‘Auto contrast’ and ‘auto colour’, the auto option doesn’t always work perfectly and if you feel it has made the image worse then undo your change and go back to ‘Image’ but go to the ‘contrast’ and ‘colour’ options manually, fiddle around with the options until the photo looks better. If you can’t get the colour to look good then your only other option is to de-saturate it and have it as a stylish black and white photo.

When you have finished editing your photo you can either re-print it on glossy photo paper or go on a website that offers services such as canvas printing or aluminium printing. This would make a fantastic birthday present especially for your parents who you may want to surprise with a large modern version of their wedding photo.

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