Elton John’s Signature Look: Eyeglasses

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If there is one thing other than his music that Sir Elton John is known for, it is his impressive collection of large and eccentric glasses frames. The superstar is notorious for his obsession with eyewear and is even rumored to have requested a separate hotel room just for his glasses while on the Brazilian leg of his international tour. Celebrities are infamous for having whacky and outlandish demands in their tour riders, but keeping a separate hotel room between 60 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain a collection of eyeglasses is a tad overkill even for it being just a rumor.  Elton John’s spokespeople have categorically denied this rumor started by a Portuguese-language Pampulha newspaper, but the fact that it even was thought possible is a testament to the star’s impressive collection and clear obsession with it.


Elton John’s love for flamboyant costuming, including his crazy glasses and sunglasses, began when he started to transition to performing solo. Some accredit his outlandish style to that of Liberace who paved the way for artists dressing in wild and glittery for their on stage theatrical performances. However, for Sir Elton, his glasses stole the show. His glasses have become such a trademark look for him that many people actually use them to recognize the pop star. John once had a need for prescription lenses in his signature eyewear, but he has had surgery to correct his vision and no longer needs corrective lenses. However, to this day, you will still catch the star wearing stylish frames to accent his everyday attire.


No one, not even the superstar himself, is certain of how many glasses are in his collection. When asked in a PBS interview, Elton John was unable to give an exact number, only stating that the number “must be in the thousands.” In the same interview, he stated that he likes to wear a different pair each day, and agreed when the interviewer offered that his glasses might need their own separate bag when he travels. “Thousands” may be an understatement as there is a current estimate that puts his collection in the quarter of a million pairs range. With that number of glasses in his collection, it’s no wonder that people would be led to believe that he would not only need a separate bag for his glasses; they would need an entire hotel room.


Sir Elton’s collection of unique and distinctive eyewear has captivated audiences and fans the world over. His signature look that he has adopted complements his flamboyant stage persona and his more staid and posh everyday look perfectly. Although no one could ever match Elton John’s collection of designer glasses, it is possible to make a collection all your own that compliments your style and helps you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for something a little more toned down or want something with a bit of Elton John’s flare for the dramatic, find your perfect pair of specs to create a signature look that is all your own.

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