How To Keep Your Employees Happy

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As a business owner one of the trickiest things can be keeping the morale of your staff up at all times. At certain time of the year this is easy i.e. at Christmas time or in the Summer. However, in the depths of winter when it is dark in the morning and evenings and the weather is cold people naturally become de-motivated. The problem with de-motivation is that it directly affects the productivity of your company, you need you employees to be happy and eager to work, this way you will be on track to get as much out of your company as possible and increase revenue. Here are a few ideas to try out.

Organising social events is a great way of giving people things to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy meal or a trip to a country house somewhere, it could simply be a local pub after work or a meal. If you go along and buy a round of drinks you’ll be surprised at how many friends it wins you, it will also lead to a closer knit team in the future. On top of social events try and work on regular team nights out and rewards for members of staff who perform best each month, this will lead to more competition and therefore more productivity. Motivation is all about having something to work towards and an end of month/year bonus works very well.

Career progression is one of the key areas for employee happiness. Their long term goal is the same as yours was when you were their age. They want to work their way up the hierarchy of a business and get in to a managerial position or at least work their way up the pay scale. The worst thing you can do is offer no career advancement, this leads employees to look for work elsewhere and your company simply becomes a stepping stone. Training can help employees feel like they are still learning at all times, so provide regular training to keep peoples knowledge fresh and up to date. Companies like Viewpoint specialise in providing training for businesses.

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