Ensure Your Childs Safety In The Garden This Summer

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The summer months are nearly upon which means your children will be starting to spend more and more time outside in the good weather. This is obviously a great thing, it is better than having them stuck indoors playing on their games console or watching TV but it is essential that you prepare your garden beforehand to try and make sure they don’t get injured in any way. In this article I will talk about a few of the things you should do to ensure your child’s safety.

Make sure there is no rust

One thing there is likely to be plenty of after a winter of rain is rust! Rust itself is just iron oxide which isn’t harmful in any way to the human body and probably wouldn’t do much or any harm if ingested. However, because of the rough surface created by a metal surface rusting it leads to bacteria being held there, dog faeces are particularly common in such areas and can when ingested bacteria from that can lead to major problems. Ensure than all play equipment, chairs, tables, BBQ’s or whatever else you have lying around in the bad garden are rust free especially on sharp or pointed objects, nails and screws are particularly dangerous. Industrial coatings are available from shops to ensure that the rust is thoroughly coated and safe.

Sharp objects in the grass

Give your garden a general tidy up and mow the lawn, after this is it worth either running a rake or a leaf blower over the surface of it to get rid of any sharp objects such as glass, nails or even stones that could stick in to your child’s foot or hands. You don’t want to risk tetanus so it would be advisable that if your child isn’t up to date on his/her tetanus shots that you go and have a booster injection done. The same also goes for any paved/stony areas you have in your back garden as well, glass is a common occurrence, they get smashed all the time at BBQ’s and dinner parties and you may have just missed some when you were tidying up last year.

Play equipment

Finally you should thoroughly check all of the play equipment you have in your garden whether it be a slide, a trampoline or a adventure course. Make sure there is no corrosion anywhere and ensure the screws are fully tightened to ensure there are no bad accidents. Trampolines are notoriously bad for the this so should be checked extra thoroughly. Consider investing in netting to go around the outside of the trampoline as well so that if your child happens to fall off they get caught by the next and don’t end up breaking something.


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