How to Ensure that Deodorants Don’t Harm Your Skin

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Deodorants are one of the best ways to remove any bodily odor that you might have. Hygiene is very important in keep your outer body clean and germ free. There are two types of deodorants that you should be aware of – roll-on deodorants and spray-on deodorants. Both these deodorants must be used in a proper manner so that it does not affect the skin. This is because the chemicals in these deodorants can cause irritation to the skin if it is used in an improper manner. Here are is the proper way in which you should apply deodorants so that it does not harm your skin.


Choose the Right Deodorant


In this modern day and age, there are many companies around the world that are spending millions of dollars in creating different products on a regular basis. Even companies that create deodorants spend a lot of time and research in making their products safe for the skin. So the question is, ‘Which Deodorant do I use?’. It is best that you buy a deodorant that come in both a roll-on and spray-on variants. The reason behind this is that these products work hand in hand in providing your skin with the best odor repelling chemicals. Make sure that you pick out a brand that is well known and is highly recommended. Do not use a deodorant that is created by a brand that is not well heard of. There could be a slight possibility that the chemicals used have not been properly tested.


Apply the Deodorant Properly


The next step is to apply the deodorant properly. For the roll-on deodorant, make sure that you apply the solution generously on the underarm in a to and fro motion. Do this for about 4-5 times. After applying the deodorant, make sure that you wait for the stick to dry off before closing it. This will make your deodorant stick last longer. Then apply the spray-on deodorant. Shake the deodorant about thoroughly for about 10 times. After that, make sure that you spray the deodorant to your underarm region, leaving a 15 cm gap in between the spray and your arm. Spray generously over the area for a maximum of two seconds.

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