How To Ensure Your Hair Is Healthy And Strong

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There are many signs of unhealthy hair, if you suffer from limp, brittle or lifeless hair and if it feels dry or rough then there is a good chance it isn’t in very good condition. Some of the most common signs that people notice are dandruff, a straw like quality, split ends and lots of knots. If this is the case then you must treat it straight away to make it healthy again. If you want to dye your hair or have hair extensions such as the ones sold by Foxy Hair Extensions then you need to ensure your hair is in good condition first, this article will give you a few hints and tips on how to achieve that.

The first step of achieving healthier hair is to get rid of split ends which means getting it cut. This can be pretty hard to do, its horrible seeing your hair getting cut when you don’t want it to be but it has to be done. Cut as far up as the split ends go and then every month and half to two months after that just keep on getting the bottom centimetre cut off. Whilst you may not think it is true a healthy diet is also important, your hair reflects what you eat very well so ensure you have a well balanced diet with lots of fruit, vitamins and water in and you will notice your hair becoming much glossier and stronger over time.

It is advisable not to wash your hair every day, whenever you wash your hair you wash the natural oils off it, sometimes this is avoidable if you have had hair products in or you have been doing some strenuous physical activity, if this is the case then just try and avoid using conditioner on it every day, only on certain nights. The next step could be a little tough for you (almost as tough as cutting your hair!) and that is to stop using anything that heats up your hair and dries it out i.e. straighteners, crimpers, blow driers, anything like that! They make your hair much more brittle.

When it comes to treating your hair try and keep a close eye on what is in the products you use, protein is good for your hair but not too much of it and do not under any circumstances dye your hair another colour or try and strip and existing colour off, this is possibly the most stressful thing for your hair to go through. Finally to finish your hair off use deep conditioners, hair masks and hot oil treatments to put as much life as possible back in to your hair.

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