What to Expect When Your Teenager Joins A Band

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There are lots of things to look forward to when you have a child, although when they are very young it is hard to imagine them as a teenager. However it can come around much faster than you would think, and with it comes a whole new world. Whether you have a son or a daughter, there will be a whole minefield of mood swings and emotions to experience, but there are also some amazingly proud moments you will have too. This might be in the form of good grades at school or a driving test that is passed the first time around, but if you are into music you will probably be very happy when your teen joins a band and has their first gig.


Even if you aren’t a big music fan yourself, your child may still develop their own preferences and enjoyment of the art, leading to them wanting to get into it. Being in a band is something that many teenagers actually end up doing as it is a way for them to present their identity, as well as being able to say they are good at something. So if your child is making noises that he or she wants to join a band, what should you actually expect?

Loud noises

If you let your child and their bandmates use part of the house for a practice space, get your earplugs at the ready. Don’t have any false illusions about the noise as there will be plenty of it, especially when the teens are in the early stages of learning an instrument. It might be a good idea to soundproof an area that won’t annoy too many people (including neighbours), or you could suggest that they find an alternative practice space.

Taxi service

When the band starts to do gigs in local venues, you can expect to be ferrying either people or instruments around. This isn’t so bad if you actually get an invite to the gig, but don’t feel too upset if your presence there would make it “uncool” – they’ll want you there eventually.

Heavy carrying

Whether you are invited along or not, you can bet that you will be helping to bring some of the equipment from the car into the venue. You’re in luck if your child is a vocalist, but get some stretches in ahead of time if you are a parent of a budding drummer. It’s amazing how much kit one person can actually need!


You will probably be asked to help out when it comes to funding new instruments and kit, so get saving. It helps to go somewhere like the Music Junkie guitar shop in Leicester as they deal in no-pressure sales, and let’s face it, teens can get a bit carried away sometimes. You don’t want to feel pressured and guilt-tripped in this type of situation!


Lastly, even with all of the muscle aches and pounding headaches that you might get in the coming months, there will still be a large element of pride. You’ll be pleased that your child has found something they love doing; you just better hope that they learn how to play the guitar a bit better quite quickly!

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