Fashion Advice And Tips For Plus Size Women

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The cat-walk might be full of stick thin figures modeling the latest fashion collections but the High Street definitely isn’t. Fashion is not a one size fits all and just because the latest style looks divine on a size 0 it certainly doesn’t follow that the same dress in your size will have the desired effect.

It’s okay being a dedicated follower of fashion just so long as you adapt the latest styles to your body shape and don t try to pour your short, stocky frame into a dress designed for someone 6 feet tall with an 18 waist; it won‘t work. The truth is that many women don’t even know their own body shape they identify themselves simply as either thin or fat, little or large, petite or outsize.

Plus Size Fashion

Plus-size model Robyn Lawley at the Guess Accessory Launch

Plus size women are not necessarily plus all over and it is identifying the ins and outs of your particular body shape and dressing to create balance which is the secret to looking good whatever your size.

Here are a few fashion tips for plus size women who might be big in different places:

Hour Glass Figure

Ladies with an hourglass figures those who go in and out in all the right places but perhaps a little more out than they would like can benefit from wearing structured jackets which really add definition to the shoulders, clinch the waist and skim over the top of the hips a very stylish and flattering look.

Apple Shaped Figure

Larger ladies who are defined in the fashion world as apple shaped – that is particularly thick around the middle area – will find that a belt around the waist will work wonders for them. This helps to define the waist and create the desired, balanced shape.

Broad Shoulder Figure

Girls with particularly broad shoulders should stick to cap sleeves and stay away from strapless dresses and tops and ditch the halter necks too, they just make broad shoulders look even broader. Contrary wise halter necks can be an asset to pear shaped women they help to provide balance widening the shoulders and slimming down the hips a little.

Large Breast Figure

Large breast and v-necks work well together the v-neck helps to lengthen the top part of the body a pair of wide legged pants can add balance and create a very flattering look. Wide legged pants are also flattering for ladies with broad shoulders helping to provide balance throughout the figure.

Ladies with a larger than average bust should steer clear of tightly fitting tops which just accentuate their assets instead go for something with an empire line which pulls in just below the bust line.

Pear Shape Figure

Pear shaped ladies must avoid any tops which stop just before they get to the hips longer frocks are much more flattering and help to balance the larger bottom half. Stockier ladies can benefit from wearing one single color column throughout their outfit helping to create a narrower looking outline.

Whatever you wear, wear it with pride. If you look good and know you look good you will walk tall which will make you look even more amazing. Plus size women can and will look amazing if they just follow these few simple fashion tips.

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