My favourite jewellery designers

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I’m absolutely mad about jewellery, as soon as I get paid I’m down to my local jewellers to get my next fix! I’ve filled over 10 jewellery boxes so far and I don’t intend to stop any time soon, I love filling them up and adding to my collection. A lot of my friends think I’m obsessed with buying jewellery (which in all honesty, I probably am!) but they’re all just as obsessed as I am!

I always keep a look out for new jewellery trends on Pinterest, fashion magazines and online blogs because I love keeping my collection up to date. The great thing about jewellery is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune; some brands have really reasonably priced jewellery (which I love to take advantage of). I have a couple of items from high-end jewellery brands but rarely wear them as I’m scared to lose them!

A lot of people ask me which jewellery brands I would recommend to buy so I thought I’d put together an article to share with you my favourite jewellery brands. I’ve whittled it down to my favourite three:

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo jewellery is stunning and really original – the designs are really funky and my jewellery collection is almost completely made up of Thomas Sabo products. The rings and earrings they design are gorgeous. I have a pair of little Thomas Sabo skull earrings that I wear almost every day. They’re really reasonably priced and everybody always asks me where I bought them from! The jewellery designs contain lots of bows and skulls which are very fashionable at the moment.


The brand that seems to be most people’s favourite at the moment is Pandora and it’s understandable because it creates really detailed items of jewellery. I absolutely love the Pandora charm bracelets and the range of charms is really extensive. I like to choose a colour theme for my Pandora charm bracelet … my bracelet contains pink charms! One of my friends has a gorgeous Pandora bracelet which is made up of animal charms which looks really funky. My sister has lots of the Murano charms on her bracelet and they look fab.

Pandora has just launched a brand new bracelet design to add charms to … the Pandora bangle! It’s top of my wish list at the moment as not many people have it yet and I like to be different.


Nomination are well-known for their charm bracelets – although you might know them as ‘Italian charm bracelets’. They’re different to lots of other charm bracelets because of the structure of the bracelet. Normally, charms will attach on to a carrier but with Nomination bracelets, the charms actually form the bracelet. The bracelet is made up of interlocking links – this gives a modern look. I love how this is unlike every other charm bracelet concept at the moment!

Another great thing about the Nomination charm bracelets is that there are a wide variety of charms to choose from. There are so many different charms that it’s sometimes difficult to whittle it down to just a selection to buy!

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