How to Find Companionship during the Holidays

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Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, every holiday has something in common: people gathering together. However, if you’re looking at spending yet another holiday all alone, here are some ways to ensure you’ve got company:


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Call in reinforcements.


If you’re a singleton, chances are you’ve got plenty of single mates as well. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they’ll all be busy on the holidays. After all, you’re not so they might not be, either. Invite everyone round to your place so you can toss back a pint or two together. Conversely, if someone happens to invite you out, take them up on it. Either you’ll have a great time, or if things don’t go well you can make a polite excuse and leave.



Homeless shelters and seniors’ residences are always in need of volunteers. Pitching in and helping others is a great way to both avoid being home alone and to do some good in your community. Spending time with seniors can be particularly enjoyable, as they often love to share their stories with those willing to listen.

Let yourself go to the dogs.


Know someone who has a four legged friend in need of walking while their owner is away? Walking Fido is a fantastic way to meet other dog owners, especially attractive female dog owners who might just find you charming.


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