Finding an Evening Dress on a Budget

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We’ve all been there: that all-important date or party seemed like weeks away; there was always plenty of time to buy a dress. But suddenly it is happening next week, pay day is three weeks away and you need to find the perfect evening dress on a budget, fast! First, stop worrying: you don’t need to spend a fortune to look great; the high street throws up plenty of great options for low-cost evening dresses and if you really want to save money, search around in your wardrobe for forgotten favourites.

Hit the High Street

Back in the day, only the top drawer designer brands provided the latest styles and the high-street stores were all considered to be a couple of seasons behind. That time is thankfully in the past, along with mullets and over-plucked eyebrows. These days you can be sure that the high-street stores are right there at the forefront of fashion, some even employ their own in-house designers. If you want something really up to date you can look at the ‘new in’ section of high-street stores. These won’t be the cheapest dresses on the market, but this is the answer for those on a medium budget.

Sales used to be an occasional delight, occurring at the end of summer or on Boxing Day. Most stores have a continual sales area now where plenty of cheap going out dresses can be found. The sales area is an especially good place for those who wear small or large sizes that don’t sell out so quickly. Some stores sell dresses with minor imperfections at a low cost too. If you are handy with a needle or know someone who is, then this can be a very cheap option. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because something is cheap it is undesirable; many high-street stores have such a high turnover of clothes that the sales area still has plenty of stylish, up-to-date options.

Internet Bargains

What a shop has reduced or on sale in store is limited compared to what the company has in its warehouse. Shopping online is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time and are looking for a real bargain. Search facilities online enable you to sift through hundreds of cheap going out dresses in minutes by specifying the style, colour and budget you are looking for.

See What You have Already

If your budget is seriously low, consider the fact that you don’t even need a new dress. Perhaps all you need are a few accessories. We all have the perfect evening dress, the one that fits us on bloated days and still looks great. Instead of buying a new dress, bring your existing clothes bang up to date with the latest accessories.

Rachel Randall is an experienced fashion writer whose work has been published in a number of online and print publications. When shopping for cheap going out dresses, Rachel prefers not to compromise on style. That means more time tends to be spent on choosing the ideal dress, but the results are often stunning.

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