Flexible Packaging Converters and Digital Print in Packaging

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Using flexible packaging converters is nothing new; however, the introduction of digital print in packaging is growing in popularity.

There are many reasons more and more companies are turning to digital. The beauty of using flexible packaging converters with digital printing is it is as easy as replacing your HP toner cartridges.

Traditional Flexible Packaging Converters vs. Digital

The products that benefit from digital printing the most are those that need to update labels frequently. Think of wine and beer labels. In the past labels remained the same because changing them was an expensive time-consuming operation. With digital printing it’s relatively simple to make those changes to capitalize on market trends such as holidays. You probably noticed that many brand-name products come out with specialized labels or packaging print during Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween to name a few. The ability to make a few changes to attract consumers to your product can make the difference between consumers choosing your product over a product that does not take advantage of this marketing technique.

Does Using Digital Printing Save

As mention already the ability to make small changes to take advantage of the market trends, can make a huge difference for your bottom-line. However, with traditional flexible packaging changing the label or package design would be an expensive exercise. Making subtle or significant changes to product labels or packaging is insignificant, cost wise, when you use a printing service provider that is using digital technology. Not only do products need to change labeling but they also may need to print many different SKUs for a product. If your product needs to change labeling frequently then digital is your best choice. Another factor to consider is getting your product to market quicker.

Digital saves you time. Traditional print methods can take weeks to get your new product design ready for printing. These traditional methods like flexographic printing, offset, and gravure need to prepare plates or rolls and get the printer ready before running the job. For many companies the need for a quick turnaround is vital because they often only have a few days before getting the product with its new design onto the shelves. This is especially true for seasonal changes and promotional campaigns.

Using Flexible Packaging Converters with Digital Print for Promotional Reasons

It’s obvious why printing promotional labels is a great idea for marketing, but there is a new movement toward personalized printing, which is a great promotional gimmick. Imagine going to a friend’s house for a barbecue, reaching your hand into the ice chest for beer, grabbing your favorite brand of beer, and discovering the label is personalized. This type of promotional marketing is growing in popularity for consumers, who love the idea of putting their own unique spin on the product.

For marketing this is a low-cost way to promote products. Who wouldn’t want to take the time to get on a company website and order specialized labels that help celebrate a special event like a wedding anniversary or a graduation? For you printer service provider it is just as easy to print a specialized label as it is to replace your HP ink cartridge.

A Few Things To Look Out For

While digital is growing and becoming more popular with printer service providers, they may not all be accustomed to the new technology. As with any printing operation it is important to know how the different colors are going to react to the material being printed on. It is also extremely important that when switching from traditional converters to digital that the colors match. Take the time to talk to your printer service provider to ensure they are properly trained to use the new technology.

As with any new technology it takes time for the service providers in that industry to catch up with the latest technological advancements. Digital is growing and many believe it will soon take the place of traditional flexible packaging converters entirely. It may be a little too soon for such predictions, but most people can see the printing on the wall—digital is cutting-edge. It makes you wonder as technology continues to march on, what new technology will make digital obsolete.

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