Forget Diamonds, Glitter Is A Girl’s New Best Friend

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Nail GlitterFashion trends come and go at a whim, but one style that has consistently stayed strong and hasn’t abandoned us is the glitzy appeal of glitter. Whether it’s make-up or clothing, the extra touch of glitter effortlessly adds a girlish cheek to your style as well as a whimsical feeling to your attitude, which will leave you wondering why you don’t make more of an effort to incorporate it into your style more often.

Let your eyes do the talking on those evenings out with some sparkly glitter-eye pigment. A tiny dab on the inner corners of eyes with a matching line on lower lashes is a foolproof night look that is noticeable without being too much. The eye bling won’t stop there as ladies with a bolder style will adore having some sparkly false eyelashes to add an extra oomph that’ll get you noticed. During the summer evenings, gold glitter lashes are ideal for adding a little extra shimmer to your winks and fpr bringing a golden gleam to your complexion.

Whilst glitter is perfect for decorating your perfect peepers there are plenty of other ways glitter make-up can flash up your face, but one of the most underrated is body glitter. With celebrities like Fergie marinating in it for a glitzy look, it’s perfect for adding a bit of girlishness to a feisty image.

Don’t Forget To Add Some Twinkle To Your Toes

Sparkle has been sprinkled on all kinds of clothing and footwear and whilst it is perfect for any night out, it can add a little mysteriousness and tease to your casual outfits as well. Whilst you can’t go wrong by teaming your favourite dress with some sparkly heels, it’s glittered casual shoes that have become a wardrobe favourite of both celebrities and models. From high fashion to high street stores, the contradictory combination that comes with sparkly sneaker

s has made it a much-loved method of adding style to laidback looks.

Adding a sparkle to your nails is one of the most subtle ways to add a little glitter to your life, even during the day, so that you won’t feel any paranoia or self-consciousness if glitter isn’t usually your thing. Whether you want to use it by itself or as part of a more intricate design, nail glitter comes in a huge range of colours and textures that will make it extra fun to show your creative side on your fingertips.

Jazzy Jewellery Can Complement Glitter Beautifully


The metallic of your jewellery will already give your body some shine, but a subtle dose of glitter is ideal for adding an extra shimmer that will look ultra-glamorous when it catches the light.

Besides regular jewellery for the lobes and fingers, women with a navel piercing that has been hiding behind clothing will especially appreciate having the extra twinkle to draw attention to their charming piercing.

Almost every girl will love the appeal of glitter. With it being so flexible for casual and eveningwear and a wonderfully frosty addition to winter and reflective summer looks, we can all sleep soundly knowing that it’ll have our backs, eyes, nails and anything else you can come up with covered.

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Amy Wilson loves to educate women about how they can add a little bit of sparkle to their appearance without breaking the bank.

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