Should I ask my friend to take my wedding photographs or a wedding photographer?

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I know that weddings are very expensive and you are going to want to look to save money where you can, and I don’t blame you.  When it comes to building a budget for what is going to be the biggest day of your life then the biggest expenditure items are going to be your wedding dress and the venue.  Thinking about your photography can be last minute especially if you have got carried away with choosing bridesmaids dresses with your friends and enjoying attending cake sampling sessions.

For this reason it is not surprising that the question in the title appears time and time again in wedding forums and on popular search engines.

You may be asking yourself why not ask your friend or family member especially when everyone these days own a camera of some kind.  We all have smart phones with camera capabilities so most people are very capable of taking goods photos.  After all our social media timelines are filled with photos.

The big question to ask yourself is would you be happy with the end result?  Yes I am a professional wedding photographer London based but I am not here to tempt you into hiring the professionals because after all it is your big day and should be exactly how you want it.  Your day, your choice.  Remember however if you do choose a family member these are photos that are to last a life time and fill you with pride when you show the children in future years.

There have been lots of news in the press recently where couples have been let down by their family members because the pictures are off a poor quality.  Unfortunately you don’t have another chance to get it right.  You can’t be upset with the person as they are trying to help and they are not professionals.  They don’t have professional equipment, no back up available and don’t have the ability to edit effectively.

These are all things that you are paying someone like me for.  Your wedding photography is not just about snapping a few pictures it is much more complex.  I have spent years crafting the art of photography.  I have perfected what angles work and which don’t and use lighting to my advantage.

But let’s take it back to your friend or family member with the camera.  You have invited this person along to share your special day so do you really want them to spend the day behind a camera.  Is it really fair to put this level of pressure on them?  If I was planning on something that was so important in my life then I would want each and every guest to enjoy themselves.  It’s a bit like if I was planning to rewire my house, I wouldn’t try and do it myself I would get the experts in and do what they do best.

I’ll take it back to my first point, weddings are indeed expensive but once your day is over you are left with a wedding certificate, your rings and your memories.  So before you consider jumping in and asking a family member to capture those memories have a think about how much you trust the individual to capture these memories.

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