Fun Beauty Project: Homemade Holistic Body Lotion

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How to Make All-Natural Body Lotion

Ingredients you will need:

1. Pure oil of your choice, ¾ cup. Some common preferences are almond, coconut or olive oil, but you can use jojoba, sesame, or any oil you wish, as long as it’s naturally-derived.


2. Shaved beeswax, ¼ cup. Beeswax is available in most health food stores, online, and some craft stores, and is preferred for thickening this lotion because it is all-natural.


3. Distilled water or rose water, depending on your fragrance choice, around 1 cup. This will give your lotion the consistency you prefer, and you can adjust accordingly as you go (i.e. if you prefer a thicker lotion, use less water).


4. Fragrance or essential oils of your choosing. Vanilla extract, vitamin E oil, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, aloe vera extract and cocoa butter are all examples of different additions you can use to personalize your lotion, just remember to use all-natural versions to avoid skin irritation.


Lotion-Making Instructions:

1. Blend the ingredients in a large glass jar, making sure to add the water last so you can achieve your desired lotion consistency by adding less or more. (Adding the water slowly as the ingredients melt is also helpful for this.)


2. Place the glass jar into a medium saucepan filled halfway with water, and turn the oven burner on to medium heat.


3. When your lotion mixture starts to heat up, either stir the ingredients gently, or place the lid on firmly and use oven mitts to shake the jar to blend ingredients well before placing it back into the hot water.


4. Once all the ingredients are melted and stirred together well, you can pour your homemade lotion into glass storage containers, such as mason jars or any other attractive jars you may have saved to reuse.


5. After it cools, you can use this lotion for up to 6 months.


Making your own holistic body lotion can be a fun project to do with older children, especially if you allow them to create a personalized product with their own specially-chosen scent, making this a great craft for sleepovers.

Lotion making can also be a marketable project for you if you create a few great blends and decide you’d like to share them with the world. Your neighborhood farmer’s markets, locally owned boutiques and craft fairs are a few great places to start selling your all-natural lotions if you decide to branch out.

Homemade lotion is a great way to protect and moisturize your skin with chemical-free ingredients you have personally chosen as the best for your skin type. Be creative, have fun and enjoy your healthy, all-natural beauty product.


Erin Lowe is a professional blogger that shares her knowledge of how to make your own soaps, lotions and cosmetic supplies. She writes for The Chemistry Store, where you can buy soy butter and many more cosmetic supplies online.



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