Five Fun Math Sites that Kids Will Love

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It is a universal truth that every parent wants the best for their children.  It’s like there is installed module of hope for the best that turns on as soon as parents experience the joys of having a child.  Since giving a child a great education is one of the best ways to give your kids the tools with which to craft a successful life and modern children adapt to the web in way that no generation before it has what better way is there to give your children a great education than directing them to a website that offers fun ways to learn a valuable skill like math?

Here are some of the best websites that make learning math fun that you and your kids will love.


Designed from the ground up to be a fun interactive site for kids to learn math the site boasts different game rooms where kids can play learning games like Matho and Hidden Picture.  There is a flash card area where they can test their math skills as well as a Math Word Find Puzzle.  Users can even create their own custom set of flash cards, print out work sheets to work on problems when they are offline and there’s a Homework Helper section where they can check their homework solutions

AAA Math-While the name of the site is pretty darned generic the site itself is pretty darned good and useful.  Designed for students from Kindergarten through Eighth grade this free site has literally thousands of interactive lessons that offer unlimited practice so each math concept can be completely mastered in a non threatening environment.  It is the web version of the kindly fun math tutor that offers quick feedback to keep the learning methods on track and builds self confidence and self estee throughout the learning process.

BrainBashers – With a cool name like BrainBashers you know this site put a premium on offering the user a fun experience.  The site is a less tradition way of building math skills by offering an extensive collection of   puzzles, riddles, games, and optical illusions that are all designed to build math skills.  They add new games daily as a way to keep young visitors constantly entertained and engaged.  While this isn’t going to help your child work out their math homework methodology it will help your child stretch the math skills section of the brain in a very entertaining manner and that is a win. – This site bills itself as a math based virtual amusement park that is designed for kids who might just have a dim view of math.  They have designed all of the lessons into a series of games that entertain and inform as the participant plays the game.  So if the concept of visiting a math site leaves a sour taste in your child’s mouth then this might just be the fun packed yet practical site for them to visit.

Funbrain   – Arcade styled math and language learning games populate this well laid out site that is all about the fun and learning.  The concept here is to pick the appropriate grade and head off to try to beat the numerous animated math or language games.  They’ve clearly spared no expense to make the site look attractive and modern which should entice users to come back time and time again.  In addition to math the site also has a dedicated section to help children with reading and language skills so they can build up two skills on the same site.

Noelle Eberts has a passion for connecting children to the possibilities that math can unlock. She writes independently for and is a great resource for all kinds of kid’s math games. Noelle is a part-time math tutor and a full-time Mom!

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