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Five Funky Hairstyles that Women Should Try at least Once

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The funniest part about a woman’s hair is that once you cut it, it’s going to grow back in no time. Keeping that in mind, there are five funky hairstyles that women should try at least once in their lifetime. These hairstyles are based on some of the famous actresses in Hollywood such as Jennifer Aniston and Audrey Hepburn. Here they are:


The Rachel Cut


There is probably just a handful of people in this world who have not heard about Friends, the hit American TV show and are unaware of who Rachel is. Her short 90’s look is one that will be remembered by everyone who followed the show and is one that many should try as it is a simple yet bold look.


The Bold Corn Crows


Corn crows is the best hair style for any woman who is planning on taking a visit to any island destination. This hairstyle is one that many celebrities put on such as Fergie and Alicia Keys. Not only does it keep your hair from flying about, it is also a very crazy hairstyle that shows others that you are cool and crazy.


The High Chignon


One of the most classiest actresses of all time is definitely Audrey Hepburn. Her upper Chignon hairstyle in My Fair Lady is one of the most iconic hairstyles in Hollywood. If you are planning a fancy party with lots of guests and champagne, why not give this hairstyle a try.


60’s New York Waves


Many a time we have seen Hollywood movies with actresses flaunting that wavy hairdo which puts a thought in your mind saying – I think I can pull that off!  This wavy look is something that every women should try, at least to a Halloween party where you can have as much as fun as possible.


Fishtail Hair


And lastly, an all time funky look – the Fishtail hair. This look is one that says shows creativity as well as boldness. Although no one actually wears this hairstyle on a daily basis, for those days when you feel like being different, this hairstyle is the one for you.

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