A New Generation Of Bars In Manchester

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Competition amongst bars in Manchester has always been higher than in almost any other field barring restaurants. With the biggest university campus in Europe there is always money to be made providing a good night out, Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University are two of the biggest in the UK, combine them together and then add on the large working population and there is a need to make your bar stand out from the rest. In recent years, perhaps because of the student population bars have started to attract people in with novelty or niche aspects, in this article I will run through the top 3 currently open in Manchester.

Black Dog Ballroom – Dog Bowl 

Black Dog run a few different bars in the Manchester area, Black Dog NQ in the northern quarter was their first and because of the massive success of it they have moved on to bigger and better things. Around 6 months ago they opened up their newest venture Dog Bowl which is a bar that also has bowling alleys. There are four bowling alleys in total to give an adult option to more of traditionally an under 18’s past time. You can combine bowling and drinking and judging by how difficult it is to book an alley there it must be doing very well.

The Golftorium

 The Golftorium is a national franchise and the Manchester branch has been open for quite a few years now. It is always very popular with students who can combine playing golf with drinking. You stand on a mat and smash the golf ball against a projector screen, the computer then works out where your shot would have ended up on the golf course judging by the speed and direction you hit it at.

The Beerkeller

Beerkeller is the most recent niche bar to open. They have opened up in what used to be a ‘super club’ called Pure, it is a huge building and to fill the space they actually opened up 3 bars in one. They have a normal bar upstairs and then downstairs they have ‘Shooters’ sports bar with pool tables, PS3’s to play on, huge projector screens showing live sports and a coin toss when buying drinks to get 50% off the round. On top of this they also have the feature bar which is based on a Bavarian beer cellar. They have long wooden tables, steins of beer and huge kegs containing 24 pints available to buy all at once.

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