Gifts For Kid’s With Special Needs

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You as a parent may find that looking after a child with disabilities every day is a tiring and sometimes difficult task and let’s face it you probably won’t have much time for looking round for gifts or personal development equipment and I feel there’s a lack of information and advice on what is available for children who have special needs anyway.

Obviously each child will have different level of ailments, but I intend to cover as many toys as possible to enable you to find something that is suitable for your child, niece, nephew etc to play with or use that is a little different but will also help.

Toys Available

With summertime fast approaching, there may be a gift for kid’s that would not only be fun, but also educational. Here are some examples of suitable gifts for kids:

  • Full support swings – great to have in the garden, especially over the summer and really is worth purchasing for a child. These full support swings are high backed and often available in different sizes, so be sure to just check which size is required. The beauty of these high-back swings is that they are very safe and strong.
  • Sensory Bead Curtain – the sensory bead curtain encourages interaction and is both fun and educational for kids to use. This item is made from wood that is tough which is good for support.
  • Noisy Toys – there are so many noisy toys out there that are great for kids and can often help to introduce speech and sometimes breathe control. Some of these toys include walk-a-tubes, which are made from plastic and are tough in terms of resilience.  Also there are toys such as animal rattles, rain makers and boom toobs. Boom Toobs have different sounds and are fantastic fun for kids.
  • Multi-Sensory – included in the multi sensory category is musical squares. Musical squares are brilliant not only to help with hearing and coordination but they are very fun to go on and are relatively easy to take part in. The musical squares are colourful, which also help with memory and learning.
  • Assault Course – a mini assault course that is made up of small cones, mini hurdles and many other pieces of equipment. The best thing about the mini assault course/gymnasium is that you do not require loads of space as you can put out as many or as little pieces of equipment as you wish. The mini assault course helps with coordination, can be used in doors or outdoors and enables interaction.  Also if there is any item that is inappropriate, this can be taken out of the equation.
  • Crawling Tunnel – Well what more has to be said! It’s fun, great for kids to play in and gets them out of the house and can have hours of fun.
  • Physio Ball – this can be a very important piece of apparatus; the Physio ball is available in several sizes; small, medium and large and helps to develop movement and coordination.  In addition, the Physio ball can also help with building muscle strength.
  •  Instant Sculpture – have hours of fun with the instant sculpture by putting your hand, face or solid items onto the pins to make a 3D image.

As you can see, there are different types toys for kids that will help develop them in so many different ways and are of benefit to their personal growth. The gifts for kids that have been mentioned above can be purchased online or if you prefer to research further into gifts for kids that are appropriate and are suitable for their needs, by all means do so (not all children are the same in what they need to develop in the best way possible).

You could even talk to people on internet forums that are talking about gifts for kids with special needs so that you can get additional ideas from people in similar circumstances and who have children with similar disabilities.

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