Give your Toddler a Bit of Freedom to Move in the Car

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Toddlers seem to always be on the go. Keeping them still for any amount of time is a challenge. This is also the case in the car.

For toddler age children, feeling restricted is bothersome. It leads to fits of anger and picking fights with siblings. It can also make driving a harder task.

Perhaps considering a car seat option that gives the toddler room to move is the ideal solution.

Select a Slightly Movable Car Seat

In recent years, technology has changed in regards to car seats for toddlers. Years of testing options to reduce tantrums have led to slightly movable car seat options. Toddlers are much calmer on car trips with this option.

If you plan to be on a long car ride, consider playing a game of “Eye Spy” with your toddler. They’ll be able to look around better to find those items. There’s much less frustration being able to see out windows to find the desired object.

Keep Restriction to a Minimum

A car seat that is slightly movable does not give the child freedom to move anywhere they like. Minor restriction is kept on the toddler for safety purposes. This just gives them the ability to reach for cups or toys or look out a window.

Is this a Safe Option?

It is an absolutely safe option for toddlers. Most manufacturers of this type of car seat, using the Maxi Cosi Axiss as an example, offer adjustable harnesses. The movement is kept to a minimum too.

With these options children are able to rotate right or left to see what is happening around them. Sightseeing while in the car keeps their mind occupied. They’re also able to move their arms and legs to point out things they like.

Safety items to keep in mind:

  • Most offer an adjustable seat to allow toddlers to recline slightly for a nap in the car
  • The bottom and back of the car seat can be secured in with seat belts
  • Adjustable harnesses last through several growth spurts
  • Children aren’t able to unlatch the harness themselves
  • There is ample head support
  • No sharp edges or metal that can cause injury

Helps the Child to feel like a “Big Kid”

Kids are in a big hurry to grow up. Those that are rather vocal might tell you bluntly “I am not a baby anymore.” This is their way of implying that they’re ready for a bit of independence.

Moving up from a fully restrictive car seat or car booster seat helps them feel like a big kid. A statement such as this can also tell you that they are uncomfortable. Children express their thoughts in different manners.

Discomfort can often lead to an off-the-wall statement that may be shocking to you. It’s time to graduate the toddler to a more comfortable option at this point. You will likely hear much less fussing when they can move a little more.

Many parents have concerns regarding a swiveling or rotating car seat for their toddlers. Remember, they are not moving freely. They are still kept in place. Their bodies can just move around a little more.

If you plan to be in the car for a while, an adjustable seat like this lets you put the seat in a slightly reclined position. When your toddler needs to close their eyes for a nap, their head won’t be hanging downward. Their necks will also be supported.

These are absolutely safe and are ideal options to bring the big kid out in your toddler. They’ll be happy to get in the car and go for a ride rather than fuss about being strapped in.

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