How to Give Your Yard a Family-Friendly Makeover

How to Give Your Yard a Family-Friendly Makeover

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Most families purchase a home with a yard in hopes of inspiring their children to play outdoors and exercise. But a cluttered, unkempt yard will deter anyone from spending quality time in it. You can improve the look of your yard and make it more family-friendly in no time by taking note of a few simple tips.

Add Outdoor Cooking

Nothing brings the family together better than food, and this is true for the outdoor area as well as the indoors. You can make your yard family-friendly by adding things like a barbeque pit, outdoor seating, and even a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and other goodies over an open fire. Supply your porch with items like a chest freezer and an outdoor storage unit for outdoor cooking utensils and dishes. Your kids will be begging to eat outdoors every day when you are fully stocked with outdoor cooking supplies.

Include Fun Games

Yards are made for playing in, but if children don’t have anything to do outside they will just revert to staying inside and playing video games. You can encourage outdoor play by providing your yard with a variety of fun games and activities for children. Supply an outdoor toy chest with things like chalk for drawing and making hopscotch boards, lawn darts, croquet sets, and even a volleyball net. You may be surprised how often your children play outside once they have access to the right games and activities.

Encourage Family Fitness

You can give your yard an easy makeover by introducing items that encourage family fitness. Get fun supplies like a Frisbee, a football, or relay race supplies. Clear your yard of objects that get in the way of outdoor play like sticks and poorly-located plants and shrubberies, and be wary of lawn decorations that could be a trip hazard. A swing set, or even a porch swing, can help create a fun and active outdoor environment.

Keep the Grass Soft and Beautiful

The grass in your yard is the number one way you can give your yard a family-friendly atmosphere. No one wants to play on dead, scratchy grass or a lawn full of weeds. Use fertilizer and family and pet-friendly weed killers to keep your lawn lush and green throughout the year. Water regularly in the summer if you live in a dry area to prevent the grass from dying in the heat of the day. Always use pet and children safe lawn treatments so that your yard is safe for all ages.

How to Give Your Yard a Family-Friendly Makeover

Choose Family-Friendly Landscaping

Yards with a lot of bushes, trees, and plants look great in magazines, but in a family yard too much crowded real estate can discourage play and present serious health risks. If you really want to recreate your yard for family-friendly activities, get rid of excess vegetation. Keep all landscaping near the edges of the yard so the center can be a play area for children. Cut down weeds and keep leaves raked so children can play on the grass rash-free. Avoid poisonous or spiky plants in case children get into the garden bed.

These tips will help you create a family-friendly yard that will inspire years of family fun and play. With this kind of makeover, you will enjoy your yard, and your family will love the new look. You may even find that your yard is the new favorite room in your house.

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