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How to Use Google Hangouts to Connect with More Prospects

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If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to make connections with prospects for your business in today’s Internet-driven business world, you don’t want to miss out on Google+ Hangouts. This feature of the Google+ socializing and networking experience is one of the platform’s very best. No serious marketer, artist, or entrepreneur should overlook the power of connecting more deeply with prospects, or even established clients, through starting a Hangout.

Human Media

Google+ Hangouts is a part of a quickly growing ramification of the meteoric rise and wildfire spreading of social media marketing called “human media”. Human media target the fact that human beings seem hardwired to want to meet someone face-to-face. With 21st century communications technologies, meeting someone face-to-face can mean being thousands of miles apart. As long as somebody can see your face and see your facial expressions as well as hear you, and all in real time, you have an advantage in communicating and connecting with them.

An advantage, that is, over social media communications and marketing which is driven by textual messages and static images. With social media marketing alone, people often come to feel as if they are merely following someone. It’s good to have lots of people following you — after all, growing a following is how authors and musicians had to do their marketing and try to become successful for a very long time. But today, the possibilities are vaster. Internet driven social media have opened people up to the more or less boundless opportunities for meeting someone and interacting with him.

With the use of human media, followers get converted into acquaintances and friends. These people tend to feel closer to you and tend to trust your word and your new products more than do those who are merely followers. Acquaintances and friends are more likely to buy and buy again from you.

Movies and videos are so popular because they are much more like human media than static images and text-based messages are. And in fact, you can create video after video now with Google+ Hangouts, because by using its On Air capability you can automatically record, save, and post a Hangout that you host. You can also edit any Hangout, so if there were spotty moments in it you can smooth them out, touch things up, and have something more professional-grade for people to come by and check out on Google+ or YouTube over and over again.

Never before has it been easier or less expensive to make and distribute quality videos — you need nothing (other than your computer, of course) but a webcam, a microphone, and a high speed Internet connection. And the importance of video marketing cannot be overstated.


How to Proceed with Google+ Hangouts

Before you get involved with Google+ Hangouts,  if you haven’t been doing so already you have to get yourself a Google+ page and then start building up your credibility.

  • Create a great profile page a Google+.
  • Join Communities that interest you and which may contain prospects, too. (You can also begin your own Community).
  • Liberally share your original material and other sources’ material that you find interesting and useful
  • Be generous (but not dishonest) in giving posts a +1.
  • Follow people whom you know and whom you would like to get to know; be liberal about this, too.
  • Don’t be shy about following strangers who have followed you, nor about bringing them into your Circles. Google+ is a professional-grade social media platform and spammers are few and far between.

If you’re new to all this, spend a couple of months working at this daily, until you have built up your own “virtual telephone book” by having hundreds, or thousands, of people who are in your Circles and Communities.

Once you’re established, you can start using Hangouts to make powerful connections with prospects for your books, affiliate products, instructional programs, or whatever products you’re marketing.


There are numerous types of Hangouts that you can fire up:

  • Book launch party
  • Product launch party
  • Broadcasting a live music performance
  • Giving an educational webinar
  • Holding a “reach out” general Q&A session
  • Conducting an interview with another authority in your field or a related field
  • Giving a “live and in real time” press release
  • A community chat, just to be sociable and let other like-minded people get to know you better
  • Holding a one-on-one meeting with someone who has an issue or may want to work with you (which would not be recorded or posted)


And so on.

Oh, and everything you do with Hangouts and building your networks on Google+ increases your Google Author Rank status — which in time drives even more prospects your way. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by just hangin’ out at Google.

 Tamie Reynolds is a profressional blogger that enjoys providing information on t-shirt designs and how consumers can create their own t-shirt and design hoodies for any occasion. She writes for Ink Imprints, where you can design your own t-shirt.

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