Gruesome Outfits To Terrify The Neighbours This Halloween

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With a chill already in the air, it is safe to say it won’t be long until October arrives. With Halloween just around the corner, many people will be seizing the opportunity to get dressed up and bring all manner of gruesome characters to life.

Halloween is a great time to dress up and enjoy the celebration with family and friends, whether you are planning a party, scary film all-nighter or trick and treat session with the children. In the run up to Halloween, the shops will be awash with the usual witch, pumpkin and ghost outfits and it is easy to buy an inexpensive outfit off the peg. For something different, there are a number of online retailers which stock all manner of scary costumes.

However, for a unique outfit you could make something yourself. It might be easier than you think and you can take inspiration from your favourite horror film. There are many brilliant horror films that have scared and thrilled audiences around the world. Some of the most horrific characters remain in our nightmares for years and could be used to spark horror fancy dress ideas.

zombie-priest-costumeZombies have recently been given a glamorous makeover thanks to French thriller The Returned. However, the conventional type is easy to recreate with an ill-fitting, ripped suit and some fake blood. Green tinted face powder will give the illusion of deathly palour along with fake blood around the mouth for effect. For a bit of fun, try adding some plant related accessories to recreate gaming favourite Plants Vs Zombies.

Evil Dead
The Evil Dead trilogy is one of the most popular cult horror movies of our time. The film’s hero, Ash played by Bruce Campbell is forced to saw off his hand after it becomes possessed. You can do the same, without the pain, by gluing a plastic chainsaw to a glove. Pair this with an oversized shirt which has been liberally splashed with fake blood.

A Nightmare On Elm Street
Freddy Krueger first terrified the nation in 1984 when Nightmare on Elm Street was released. Although there are plenty of suppliers of Freddy costumes, you could make your own with some plastic knives glued to a glove. You will also need an old red and green striped jumper and a brown ‘Freddy’ hat. Freddy’s scarred face will be difficult to replicate, so try a mask.

Recreate Camp Crystal Lake’s famous killer with a Jason outfit. You can find these online, or make your own. In Friday the 13th Part 2, Jason terrorises the teen population wearing a hockey mask and brandishing a machete. He also wears a distinctive brown bomber jacket.

Halloween comes around once a year. Make the 31st October a night to remember, with a costume to remember. Choose one of your favourite horror characters and get to work with make up, accessories and a needle and thread. With some creative flair, you could be wearing something unique. Alternatively have a look online where you will find several horror fancy dress ideas from seductive to downright gruesome.

Matt Evans worked as a party supplier for many years before starting a weekly blog. His blog includes tips on funny and horror fancy dress ideas.

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