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When Is It Too Much Hair Product?

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Children of the 1980s may remember hair mousse, sprays, gels…and more sprays that were used to give hair “high volume”.

In other words, with a little scrunching, crimping and teasing, almost anyone could look as if they had a full head of hair. Using these tools could sometimes hold hairstyles for hours. You or someone you know may have used breaks to apply more and more product until the hair was completely and people began calling you “Helmet Head”.

Although the ozone layer is not is as much danger as it was 25 or 30 years ago from the aerosol fumes, people still use ample amounts of hair products to achieve a number of looks. While it is best to do this is moderation, some people want to take the shortcut to fashion trends and chance suffering the consequences later.

Here are some of the common culprits that have been known to cause long-term damage when used in excess.

Aerosol sprays –

many of these are alcohol-based, which means it can dry hair over time. If your hair is dry, try using a leave in conditioner or cream moisturizer before applying holding spray. By doing this often, this will help to prevent hair breakage and loss.

Gels –

there are some on the market that are alcohol-free and actually bring moisture to the hair shaft. However, when gel is not washed out on a daily basis, it can form small clumps that have to be combed out. This can be painful as these clumps tend to catch and pull the hair.

Heating tools –

whether a person is looking to create body waves or go bone straight, heated irons can dry the hair when it is not properly conditioned. They can also singe the hair when used over a period of time. Hair in this condition is resistant to conditioning, coloring (unless heavy peroxide is used to “lift” the shaft, making it more porous) and most other methods of styling.

Pomade –

used to create sleek and sexy looks but can weigh hair down as most are petroleum jelly. For those with coarse or kinky hair, this may be used to keep edges straight and not “go back”. However, frequent use may cause the scalp to break out because the wax used in pomades prevents skin from breathing. The good news is that there are a number of head wraps and nightcaps that will help to maintain straight styles. Hair does not lose moisture and many are designed to absorb perspiration. They can be found at beauty supply stores or any retailer with a hair care section.

 Teasing –

whether done by brush or hand, the same rules apply when using a spray. Though some have claimed that doing this will cause split ends, hair that is well-conditioned will not suffer much.

By shampooing at least once a week, using a hot oil or cholesterol treatment at least once a month and regular conditioning, anyone can be free to have fun with their hair. Years down the road, it will make for funny pictures to show the grandchildren.

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