How To Make Your Home Thermally Efficient For The Winter

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With energy prices soaring year on year it is essential to try and make your home as thermally efficient as possible therefore reducing the amount of money you need to spend. The idea behind this concept is to insulate your home as well as you can so that when you put the heat on for an hour you can turn it off and the house retains it for a few hours afterwards. If you can use 1 hour of heating instead of 2 then you are instantly reducing your energy  fees by 50% instantly. The only drawback to this is that you will have an initial outlay, in the long run however you are guaranteed to save money.

There are so many aspects to thermal efficiency that it will end up being a long term project, you will probably make small changes every year and 2 or 3 years down the line you will have finished completely. One of the cheapest and easiest steps to take is loft insulation closely followed by cavity wall insulation. Many governments around the world are offering grants to homes who wish to have this done to try and reduce the pressure on the electricy/gas supplies. With the grant you should be able to get this done for a reasonable price. Another good idea is to have your windows looked at especially if you have older wooden/steel ones, they are terrible and leak heat like a hole in the wall, change to double glazed PVC windows if at all possible.cavity

Once you have the overall house sorted you can then move on to the actual heating system itself. Combi boilers are now readily available and are the most efficient way of getting hot water and the central heating on. The system will kick in whenever hot water is needed rather than being on heating a huge tank of water up and then turning off even if it isnt needed. Heat pumps can also be used effectively to move colder air out of an area, visit the Midea website to find out more about the New Zealand company.

Emergen heaters are a bad idea, they are costly and inefficent, if you have one look at changing to a combi boiler. An emergen heater is switched on and the entire tank is heated up (which takes around 45mins to do) and then if you only want to do the washing up you have wasted all of that money for no reason.

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