How long does abdominoplasty last

How long does abdominoplasty last?

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Abdominoplasty; also known as tummy-tuck is a common plastic surgery procedure through which excess skin and fat surrounding the abdominal area is extracted. To strengthen the abdominal wall, torn muscles are repaired but only in rare cases. Breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty are other associated plastic surgery procedures.

The process

Tummy-tuck is quite a straightforward surgical treatment that begins with the surgeon making horizontal cuts right above the pubic area. It’s followed by a second incision above the belly button only if there’s excess skin surrounding the area which is removed. The loosened muscles are then stitched or suture for tightening.

The skin around the abdominal area is then pulled downwards thus making it far tighter while the excess is cut and discarded. A new belly button opening is opened for the original slides farther down. In the end, the incisions are sewn back up.


Necessary precautions must be taken before the surgery due to the many health risks involved following the procedure. Smoking “should be prohibited at-least a week or two prior to the process. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications or else there’s a risk of haemorrhaging during the therapy. Aspirin may cause bleeding so it’s better to avoid. All medications must be taken after doctor’s consultancy to mitigate various health and dermatological anomalies.

Duration of surgery & results

Apart from possible risks or any complications, tummy tuck surgery last for almost two-to-five hours. On the contrary, a partial abdominoplasty in Dubai or wherever you’re having it conducted takes more or less one-to-two hours. This partial tummy tuck is for patients who lie within 10 percent of the original or ideal weight.

For best results, patients have to take extra care of the body following the procedure. Abdominoplasty can last anywhere from a few months to several years while significant weight gain or loss have a huge impact over the appearance of abdominal and surrounding area. Contour of the reshaped abdomen can be altered during pregnancy hence extra careful and constant check-up with the doctor is necessary.

Healthy diet and routine exercise (only doctor’s recommended) would keep the muscles and weight at bay and keeping up with the plan can keep the tummy tuck last for at-least five years or more. Progress will be evaluated during regular intervals for which frequent visits to the surgeon’s clinic would be essential.


Average recovery period after abdominoplasty is typically two-to-four weeks during which patients may return to their work but only if there isn’t any irregularity. Note that the scars and cuts usually take longer to fade. In rare cases, healing time may surpass even a year but you shouldn’t fiddle or prick the area. If patient gets enough rest, maintain rich vitamin and nutrient diet as well as avoid strenuous activities; recovery time can speed-up to three months.


All surgical procedure pose certain health risks whereas some may also cause death but that’s very rare. Bandages must be replaced to avoid bacterial infection at the incision line. Never overlook infection or bleeding!

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