Ideal Father/Son Hobbies

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The first time my dad took me out to fly a kite, it wasn’t windy enough to get the kite to fly. The next time we got the strings tangled and spent most of the day trying to fix the kite. The next time we finally got the kite into the air and I got bored after five minutes. While I resolved to never fly a kite again, I’ve been on the lookout for fun father/son hobbies now that I have sons of my own. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Radio Control Trucks and Cars

If a radio control plane or helicopter sounds too ambitious or difficult to learn, you can have a ton of fun with a radio control truck or car. Race cars can zip around tracks and dodge obstacles you’ve set up. If you and your son have your own cars, then you can even have races at an abandoned parking lot or at a park. When choosing a radio control car, pay attention to the size of the wheels and the kind of terrain that is ideal for it.

For a radio control truck, you can think more creatively about where you use them. For instance, you could build walls or dig small ditches for them to climb over and bounce through. While you can still race trucks, part of the fun with a radio control truck is building obstacles and ramps that will present new challenges.

Radio Control Planes

A radio control plane has all of the advantages that a kite doesn’t have. You don’t need wind and there are no strings that can get tangled up. Once you assemble your plane and take it to an open field with a smooth runway, you can start to use your plane. A reliable plane from a brand like Aeroworks radio control planes will be sturdy enough to handle a few rough landings along the way. In addition, planes can do tricks and can even fly in formation with other radio control planes.

Radio Control Helicopters

While radio control planes can go fast and far, a radio control helicopter provides more options for flying in tight spaces where you may be a little more limited. For instance, if you live in a city with a park or in a neighborhood with a relatively small yard, a radio control helicopter will give you plenty of fun and won’t require quite as much space. In addition, you can learn to hover and make dramatic maneuvers that wouldn’t necessarily be possible with a plane.

Paintball Guns

Paintball is a hobby for older children, but it can be a lot of fun for fathers and sons if you have a large enough yard or a patch of woods nearby. You won’t have to worry about anyone mistaking a paintball gun for a real gun and if you wear proper safety gear, you won’t run the risk of injuring anyone. Best yet, paintball is a fun outdoor activity that anyone can play. If your son is interested in hunting, then paintball will use the same shooting skills he’s developing for the fall.

Jeremy Johnson is a veteran with two sons who never tire of adventures in the fields and woods by their home in North Carolina. When he’s not piloting a flight with his two sons, he’s part of the repair crew that keeps their planes in top working order.

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