How Immigration Has Changed In Manchester Over The Years

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Immigration has always been a rich part of Manchesters heritage, the area is proud to be home to large groups of migrants from around the world who have successfully integrated themselves in to society and really add to the region as a whole. Historically many different countries have migrated to the UK and in turn Manchester, one of the largest groups are West Indians, a large amount came to Manchester back in the 1960’s and made the Mosside area of Manchester their own. Manchester Citys football ground was located right in the heart of Mosside and therefore they picked up a large following with the locals.

Since then there have been groups from other countries such as Turkey, Poland, Ukraine and most recently the high profile case that has been all over the news, Romania. People from Eastern Europe tend to have congregated more in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester, they have opened up delicatessens, shops and social clubs to give themselves and their friends a taste of home but have still managed to make themselves part of the wider community. Migrants who come to Manchester and are happy to work, put a shift in and integrate are always well received by locals and this has been the case on many occasions over the years.

There are however instances when immmigrants may need some help to either stay in the country, obtain work permits or just generally need bits of advice. There are companies locally set up to help with this, IAS Immigration Manchester are there to help if this is the case, they have a team of dedicated professionals who are very knowledgable on all aspects of immigration.

Walking around Manchester now you will find inspiration that has arrived from immigration all over the place, you will see Jerk Chicken restaurants, goat curries, traditional African shops and foreign exchanges to send money back to families around the world. Immigration has well and truly become a proud part of Manchesters heritage.

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