Indian Summer Jewellery Collection from Tomassa

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Established in 2012, Tomassa is a new jewellery house specialising in the design and sale of luxury jewellery for all occasions and to suit all pockets. Based in the heart of London’s design and jewellery district, it has rapidly gained a reputation for its wide collection of inspiring pieces that range from exclusive one-offs to easy-to-wear casual pieces that match the trend of the day.

Now high street jewellers, Goldsmiths has teamed up with Tomassa to bring their Indian Summer collection of vermeil jewellery to a wider audience. The pieces all have a delicate, elegant design that feature beautiful semi-precious gemstones:

  • Amethyst – Amethysts colour is as unique as it is seductive. With beautiful purple shades, Amethyst is the royalty of the Quartz family.  Amethyst ranges in hues from pale lilacs to dark, almost black purples. The ideal colour for amethyst is deep to medium purple with rose coloured flashes.  Amethyst often exhibits the phenomena called colour shift – meaning it will change its colour under different lighting conditions; appearing red or reddish purple under incandescent light and bluish purple under daylight. Amethyst is February’s birthstone.
  • Chalcedony – Chalcedony, known for its mystical appearance, it is an enchanting gem with glowing pastel coloured hues. Chalcedony is found in an array of colours and is known for its smooth and lustrous appearance. This charming gem can be carved and crafted into a variety of shapes and cabochons. Chalcedony has a distinctive waxy lustre and is normally translucent through to opaque. The chalcedony family includes gemstones and minerals such as onyx, agate and jasper.
  • Rose quartz – Rose Quartz is a soft and delicate gemstone often associated with love and romance. Its natural pink colour is rare among other gems and minerals. Rose coloured Quartz is available in a variety of translucent faceted cuts through to opaque cabochons – making it a very versatile and interesting gemstone.
  • Turquoise – One of the oldest gemstone materials known to man. Turquoise shades can range from greenish-blues to beautiful, striking sky blue opaques. Turquoise is a fairly soft material which takes a great polish and can display beautiful and individual flecks of pyrite and limonite veining. Highly prized since Egyptian times, Turquoise was named “Turkish Stone” as it was imported to Europe via Turkey. More interestingly, the colour is derived from the name of the gemstone. Turquoise is December’s birthstone.

The pieces available in the range are stunning in their simplicity. Take for example the vermeil multi-amethyst bangle. This boasts five amethysts mounted evenly around a delicate silver and 18-carat gold vermeil bangle. The result is a clean sophisticated look with a modest £160 price tag. There is also a similar bangle with two diametrically opposed amethysts for as little as £120.

The bangles match beautifully with the amethyst pendant and drop earrings which each feature a single oval-shaped amethyst. At £110 and £70 respectively the pendant and earrings complete a stunning and timeless ensemble at an excellent price.

The collection also includes matching bracelets and rings. The rings are handmade and have a single stone set on an 18-carat gold vermeil band with a luxurious satin finish. Three sizes are available – small, medium, and large (J, M and P). The amethyst and chalcedony rings are priced at £80 whilst the turquoise and rose quartz rings are just £10 more.

The various designs are, for the most part, available in all four gemstones ensuring that you can choose your colour to suit. But whichever you prefer, you can be assured of an eye-catching and stunning complement to your summer outfits.

About the author:

Amanda Danone is freelance jewellery writer.

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