Influential Women Pushing The Alternative Look

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Anyone who has poked their heads into any women’s store this year will have noticed that the gothic look of crosses, spikes and studs are appearing on nearly every piece of jewellery. Whilst this look is a staple of any punk and rock fans, it’s growing popularity with those outside of this genre has steadily increased significantly over the years. With so many feisty and independent women taking up this look, it’s hard to ignore their influence on women all over the world.

You’ll find it hard to enter any club and not hear a remixed Rihanna song at least several times – and her looks are as numerous as the amount of fans she’s collected. She’s been rocking the Mohawks and other shaved-side styles for a while now, and whilst Hollywood likes to promote long and silky looking locks, Rihanna is far more content to try out those looks that most aren’t brave enough to try and make them more desirable to the public.

Fancy A Lady Gaga Or Hayley Williams Style?

It’s nearly impossible to find a fashion trend that Lady Gaga hasn’t coined or participated in, so no list is quite right without her. Although spikes and studs are an edgier look to incorporate into your style, with her dabbling in Kermit and raw meat fashion they’re probably the least bold thing she has ever worn.

Hayley Williams, the front woman of Paramore has gathered a lot of attention for not only her catchy music from Paramore, but also her unmistakable style. With her signature look of multiple shades of red, her constituent advocacy of dying hair vibrant shades has caught the attention of many of her fans outside the punk spectrum – her fashion sense is also difficult to ignore.

Madonna Vs Willow Smith: What’s The Verdict?

Madonna has been churning out popular hits since the early 80’s, but another thing she’s renowned for is eccentric style and her willingness to adapt to different styles. This year’s Met Gala has seen her revive the gothic Mystic Meg look, but this a style she’s done many times before it was popular, and it’s apparent that she knows it like the back of her well-preserved hand. 

A great example of a strong female taking up the punk image is daughter of Will & Jada Smith, Willow. Despite her only being 12 years old, she’s already inspiring tons of young and older girls alike with not only her unique looks, but also her parents unique take on her upbringing.  She has become a centre of controversy since she was allowed to cut her hair short and colour it at such a young age.

With many people snubbing The Smith’s decision as an irresponsible freedom to give their preteen daughter, they responded with an inspiring response “We let Willow cut her hair. When you have a little girl, it’s like how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body? If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world.”

With so many influential females taking up the alternative mantle, it’s no wonder that those outside the punk and rock genre are jumping aboard this trend of becoming more bold and going against the ordinary looks.

Sarah Wilson writes for Blue Banana, one of the largest alternative fashion retailers in the UK.

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