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Four Insane Celebrity Splurges

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Here is a quick breakdown of some of the most impulsive and extravagant purchases made by some of your favorite celebrities. We’ve narrowed our list down to four candidates and items (we know, we know you could literally make a new list every month, but we have to draw the line somewhere). Whether you simply have feelings of lust or disgust OR a slight mixture of both, know one thing, these individuals did acquire this money in one fashion or another and they have the right to spend it any way they want. Yes, that’s a sad reality but that’s the truth.

Nicolas Cage’s Insane Bid of a Dinosaur Skull

The Raising Arizona star found himself involved in an intense bidding war with another A-lister, Leo DiCaprio. The two dynamic actors were focused on attaining a 67 million year old dinosaur skull. It wasn’t until after the bids surpassed the quarter-million dollar mark, Cage finally won his fossil. In reality this splurge is sadly only a fraction of what he now owes the IRS. Enjoy the moment right?!

Dinosaur Skull Price Tag: $276,000.00

Ashton Kutcher’s Trip to Space

English: White Knight Two and SpaceShipTwo dir...The SpaceShipTwo in action. It won’t be long before others start buying up flights to space.

The former MTV Punk’d star is scheduled to take a trip into the final frontier. Yes, he bought a flight to space! He is officially listed as the 500th passenger aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. This seems fitting for the first celebrity to break the 1M follower mark on twitter, because now he can attempt to reach his twittersphere from above the stratosphere. The SpaceShipTwo flys around 50,000 feet and then drops the WhiteKnightTwo ship which blasts itself nearly 70 miles into orbit (which is further than the international agreed space boundary).

His space adventure price tag : $200,000.00


Lady Gaga buys a Ghost Detector

Just Dance it’s gonna be OK, unless you’re a ghost. The super spiritual Lady Gaga actually bought a paranormal device that detects then deflects paranormal activity. In technical terms, the “electromagnetic field equipment” helps alleviate Gaga’s stress with the fourth dimension while she travels for world tours.  She’s famous for having “little monsters” follow her around the globe, but can’t seem to keep everyone from haunting her.

Paranormal Detector Price Tag: $50,000


Bryan “Birdman” Williams collects a new Maybach

Finally, we’re dealt a little bit of nbirdmans-exelero-maybachormalcy here. A rap mogul just purchasing a multi-million dollar car. Phew, I thought everyone was officially losing it. The Cash Money Records co-founder acquired a one-of-a-kind Maybach Exelero. The car features a V12 bi-turbo engine and a staggering 700HP with a ridiculous top speed of 218mph. Birdman really is flying these days.

Maybach Price Tag: $8,000,000.00 

In conclusion, our small collection of celebrities have a vast array of spending habits. From outer space to dinosaur bones to ghosts, it’s almost refreshing to see one of them just want a car. That is, until you see the price tag. All in all, the wild spending habits of these four random celebs is nothing out of the ordinary because immense financial power breeds insane human greed.


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