How To Install A Carpet Yourself In 4 Easy Steps

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Often the most expensive part of getting a new carpet is the installation the fitters charge, if you are capable of doing it yourself it makes the process of buying a new carpet much cheaper. In order to do it you’ll need the following items:



-Gripper Rods

-Tape Measure/Straight Edge

-Stanley Knife



If it is your first time fitting a carpet it would be advisable to start of with a square room, don’t try and do stairs or a room that will need 2 carpets joining in the middle. The first stage is to clean the floor, get all bits off it or you will end up will little lumps under the carpet that will never go away if you leave a stray screw under there. Firstly, get your gripper rods and put them around the outside of the room  in position, they should go right next to the skirting boards. Hammer a couple of nails in to each one to keep them in place.

The next stage is to put the underlay down, this is fairly simple and only requires a Stanley knife to roughly cut out the shape of your room, it doesn’t matter if you have to do it in sections as long as you use some double sided tape to join it together, it doesn’t have to look neat it is purely just to ensure the flooring is comfortable and springy and not just put directly on to the floorboards as after time you’ll be able to see the pattern and gaps in the floorboards through the carpet.

Finally comes the main event, fitting the actual carpet! Start off by measuring the exact size of the room with a tape measure, cut the carpet to roughly the right size if it hasn’t been already, don’t cut it exactly leave a bit extra on (3 or 4 inches). Start off fitting the carpet on to the gripper rods in one corner and work your way round the room, trim the carpet as you go along but leave it a centimetre or so bigger so that you can push the excess under the skirting board with a screwdriver. When you have completely fitted it all that is left is to put the door protector over it and the room is complete.

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