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Some Interesting Designs of Pearl Jewellery

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This article discusses about all the new developments that directed the pearl market into the next level of jewellery designs. This development allowed us to witness various types, colors and sizes of pearls available in both, traditional and modern designed jewelleries.

Pearl Jewellery

There are many different types of pearls that come in uniquely designed jewellery and are available in both, modern and traditional designs; this all becomes very confusing. It can be an obstacle for potential buyers to differentiate between various kinds of pearl jewellery that are available in different colour and size.

Few years ago, the only significant choice was the saltwater pearl and those pearl used to be available in silvery grey and white or pale golden colour. The shape of those pearls was either uneven or round and was called baroque. So this is what majority of people knew about pearls during those days.

But today’s market has much more interesting and exciting choice of pearl jewelleries than it has ever before, and there are two significant reasons for this.

Colored Pearls

the first reason is colour, because pearls are now available in both natural and dyed. Within the time span of last couple of decades, Chinese started production of freshwater pearls from a larger species of mollusc. Pearls produced from these molluscs were completely different as compared to the original freshwater mollusc which can produce pearls in uneven seed type shape in a creamy white natural colour. On the other hand, this newly formed mollusc can produce pearls not only in cream and white colour but also in peach, all the shades of pink, and even lavender; this all can be produced quite naturally without any interference.

Interestingly, these days we have an access to far more colours than in the past all because of dye, and pearls can take dyes very well. Some of the new and modern dye colours are sophisticated and magnificent like rich cranberry and elegant silver greys. There are also some colours that usually appear on cheap pearls like shades of pastel and candy pink. Still dyes are available in wide range of choice.

The second most significant reason for a recent boom in these modern and fascinating jewellery designs of pearl is the diverse shapes in which freshwater pearls come in. Some shapes are artificially produced by inserting a small shape like, for instance, a disc into the mollusc that produces a coin shaped pearl. Whereas some shapes are naturally produced like keshi pearls, which are uneven and organic, and baroque, this is organic as well. Usually freshwater mollusc produces pearls in nearly round shape i.e. oval, which can be of very high quality. This is produced in large quantities so this brings down its price to a reasonable level.

Nowadays, modern designs of jewelleries are placed side by side with other traditional designs. Most of the artisan jewellers don’t compete with the businesses that offer traditional designs but they frequently offers limited edition designs like engagement rings Dubai.

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