IPad Apps To Relax And Relieve Stress

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iPad Apps to Relax and Relieve Stress

Are you a chronic sufferer of stress and anxiety? If you supervise a lot of employees, need to meet tight deadlines, or catch up with a lot of paperwork, then you are constantly bombarded by high levels of stress that can do serious damage to your health. Studies have revealed that relaxation can relieve stress and put your mind in a calm state. With today’s cutting-edge technology, even the iPad has applications that can take the pressure off your mind, relieve your tension and help you relax.

You may think of your iPad as merely a device for web browsing, social networking, and email. Now, it is also a gadget for stress relief and relaxation. Here are some great iPad apps you can use just because you need to take some time out from your work stress. All you need is to purchase and download them from iTunes.

Meditation Oasis

This app includes two popular meditations from the podcast that will melt your stress away. The step-by-step voice guide will help you relax easily in no time. You have the choice to listen to either nature sounds or relaxing music. Or you can turn the sounds off altogether. The application offers two relaxation audio – Work Break Relaxation and Stress Relief Meditation. Instructions are included to help enhance your listening pleasure.

Music Healing

This application utilizes the time-proven method of sound to induce relaxation almost instantaneously. However, the Music Healing app goes one step further by including some of the most breathtaking images to put you in a calm state. You will feel relaxed as soon as you start the program. You can either close your eyes as you listen to the audio or you can listen and at the same time marvel on the wonderful images included.

With Music Healing, you can be truly be relaxed and stress-free as often as you want. There won’t be any excuses to feel tense or pressured. All you need is a few minutes in a quiet place. Plug in your headphones. Start the app and enjoy a dose of relaxation and calmness.

Magic Window

Many users have a lot of nice things to say about Magic Window. It comes with plenty of relaxing scenes with ambient sounds to go with them. You can control how fast or slow the sun sets behind the ocean as you listen to the relaxing sound of water and wind. Or you can watch a white blanket of fog as it rolls silently across a moonlit valley. Enjoy these and lots of other amazing visuals as you feel stress flowing out of your system.

Sleep Deeply HD

Sleep is the ultimate relaxation as it helps shut out every stressful thought from your mind and makes you feel refreshed. With Sleep Deeply HD in your iPad, you can benefit from a deep and rejuvenating sleep. This app uses hypnotic suggestions for relaxation that will guide you into deep quality sleep. You will wake up with that light, rejuvenated and relaxed feeling. Sleep deeply comes with audio and video sessions, brainwave relaxation sessions, and valuable advice. If you’d rather watch than sleep, there are also calming HD video images and animations for you to enjoy.

Extend your iPad’s functionality by installing these apps. Whether its meditation, music, visuals, or quality sleep you need, you’ll find them above. Better yet, get all of them as there are more ways to make you relaxed and stress-free.

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