The best jewellery brands of 2013 … So Far??

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A girl can never have too much jewellery. I’m always on the hunt to find my next purchase and already have a box full of the stuff. In my opinion, it’s really important to buy a plethora of different items that can be used to complement different outfits and styles. You tend to find that jewellery goes out of fashion every 6 months or so, it’s good to keep up-to-date. I try not to wear jewellery from a collection that came out a couple of years ago as I think styles have adapted so much since then that’s it’s easy to spot an old piece.

My friends brand me as some sort of a jewellery guru. If you show me a piece of jewellery, I can usually tell straight away what brand it is and get very close when guessing the price. You pick a thing or two up when you spend lots of time browsing in jewellery shops. Although I love shopping in store and seeing all the pretty jewellery displayed beautifully, I find it much easier to find what I’m looking for online.

Buying jewellery is a passion of mine and I always like to know what collections are coming out next so I look online at the websites of the brands I love. They usually have a news section where it’s easy to find out what is new and what’s coming next. If you look in fashion magazines and on blogs, you’ll also find out about the latest trends. Browse websites like Pinterest too as these will share fab styles. I’ve found when browsing that the best jewellery brands at the moment are Thomas Sabo, Nomination and Pandora. I’ve found that they’re all good for different things.

When people think about Pandora, they usually recognise them for creating nice charms for bracelets. However, I much prefer Pandora rings to the charm bracelets. They’re great quality and there are some fantastic designs available. I have around 15 different Pandora rings at the moment that all vary in price, you can find some at a really good price, with my cheapest one being around £35 which is fair for a ring.

Nomination creates gorgeous charm bracelets and they’re my favourite type of charm bracelet. This is down to the unique way that it is formed. Usually charms connect onto a carrier however Nomination charms connect together to form the bracelet. This creates a really smooth, stylish look which I absolutely adore. There are so many different charms to choose from that you’re sometimes a bit spoilt for choice!

Thomas Sabo have some really gorgeous earrings available, I really like them because they’re so different to everything else on the market. They contain really varied designs, from skulls to sparkly love hearts … there really is something for everyone. The range of materials they’re made from is extensive so it’s easier to find a style to suit the outfit you’re going to wear. I would definitely recommend buying jewellery from this brand.

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