Jewelry Sizes For Plus Size Women

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All women like wearing jewelry, especially for special occasions. Many women wear sentimental jewelry more for their emotional value rather than because of vanity. If you want something you can wear everyday, try finding jewelry pieces that do not cause skin allergies and fit comfortably.

The Problem with Plus Size

Plus size women sometimes have difficulty finding good selections of jewelry designs to fit their needs. This is because mass market apparel companies try to keep their products in the average size of their target customers in order to maximize sales. While this approach helps their bottom line, it leaves out so many other women who are not average in size. Several niche businesses have sprung up to fill this gap in the supply and are flourishing because they build loyal customers who appreciate their products and services.

Tips on Rings

It is not that difficult to find rings for plus size women because finger width does vary widely in the population. But you do want to keep your ring size updated before ordering something online that you have not tried on first. Ring size fluctuates often and you could bump up a size or go down without knowing it. To be on the safe side, you can order two or three size rings of the same design. Try them on when you get them in the mail then return the ones that do not fit you well. This way you save time and shipping expense. The same trick works for shoes which can vary in actual size depending on the company.

Finding a Stylish Bracelets

Try looking for 8 inch bracelets that are actually bracelets and not small necklaces can be a challenge if you are shopping from mass market stores. Precise measurements for bracelets are not so important with chains that are adjustable and offer some flexibility. But cuffs and other bracelets styles that cannot be adjusted to the wearer need to be bought at a store that will customize the bracelet if they do not carry your exact size. This also goes for watches that bands that need to be adjusted to the wearer in order to fit snuggly. Find a store that is willing to make custom adjustments. You can also look for somebody who does watch repairs and they can custom fit any watch to your wrist with the right strap size.

Matching with Earrings

Earring are the favorite item to match with necklaces and bracelets. Earrings are usually the go to jewelry item for plus size women because anybody can wear earrings no matter your size, so long as you have pierced ears. There is a wide selection for plus size women when it comes to earrings because then they can shop in mainstream jewelry stores without any concern that the earring will not fit well. But it is still important to match your earrings with your other jewelry pieces and your outfit to get the best out of your purchases. Long and large earrings are reserved for evenings while smaller pieces are for daytime affairs.

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