Karting Expeditions for All Occasions

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Racing around a small track in a tiny vehicle at high speeds is exhilarating. It is a fun event to consider on a rainy day on indoor tracks. Whether it is a fun time killer or to settle a bet, everyone will have fun.

When you go to a karting facility, you must be aware of the safety regulations. This often means watching a short video. Remember, this is just for your protection.

If you do not follow the rules, track officials can black flag you during a race. Not only is this a waste of funds spent, it is also a mood killer. Exciting karting events make occasions memorable.

Birthday Parties

Most karting facilities have age restrictions. Prior to listing this as an activity it is ideal to contact the facility first. Also ask about body mass restrictions.

Birthday parties are always more fun when the invitation states a karting event. Parents should accompany their children and pay the fees for participation. Hosting parents may offer to pay for everyone.

Both boys and girls can enjoy a few laps around the track. With many facilities also offering food, the whole party can stay at the track. Have another race after fueling up on pizza and cake.

Corporate Outings

Corporate events are sometimes held at a track. Employees may require a bit of stress relief, and racing is just the right cure. There is something about speed that relaxes those with stressful jobs.

Corporations may opt to rent the entire facility for a day. Tournaments and arcade games can be enjoyed all day long. Private catering or a pot luck food buffet may be arranged too.

Family Fun Days

Families can enjoy a fun afternoon of racing and learning racing facts at the track. There are also generally arcade games to play between heats too. This keeps the kids occupied and out of trouble.

Schedule a few races and have a family bet for best out of three or five races. The winner gets to select the loser’s chores for the week. It can have a rather interesting outcome.

It is important to wear long pants and closed toe shoes while racing. Packing a change of clothes is also ideal. It is rather hot on the track.

What is included in the Safety Videos:

  • Overviews of the tracks
  • How to go around turns safely
  • How to put the helmet on properly
  • Strapping in tightly
  • Maintaining a clear line of view
  • No intentional crashing
  • No bumping other drivers
  • How to maintain a safe and comfortable speed

Father/Son Time

Fathers and sons can race each other over and over in a private race. They can also team up against other racers in an open situation. The competition is fun for both.

This is a prime opportunity for some bonding time. It does not matter what the ages of the father/son pair are as long as the younger is old enough for facility regulations. It will be an afternoon that neither will forget.

Fathers are known to let sons win simply to see the joy on their faces. It is more about the younger of the two having fun. Regardless of the outcome, it will be time well spent together.

Friendly Bets

Male friends always seem to have some kind of bet going for superiority. There is no better way to solve it than at the track. Have a few friendly races and enjoy a beer at a local bar afterwards.

Normally, when one friend makes a bet with another and it is to be settled via kart racing, others get involved. This turns a two-man bet into an entire field of racers. Keep in mind that the others really just want to go kart racing.

League Racing

Some facilities offer leagues. This is a fun activity for teens and young adults. You can create a team or join an existing one.

Leagues are often broken up by age group. It ensures that racers are on the same level. Even younger age groups can have experienced racers in them.

Prizes are usually offered for leagues and t-shirts are usually distributed for participation. The key to leagues is to drive safe and have fun. Winning is not everything, it’s all about the experience.

A day at the track is fun for a variety of occasions. Keep in mind that there may be restrictions and there are safety guidelines to follow. These items are in place to ensure that everyone has a safe race.

The adrenaline from going around twists and turns at high speeds is a unique experience. Not everyone can be a racecar driver. You can, however, get a taste of it for a few short laps.

Take a group to the track and make a day out of some friendly competition. Raise the stakes with a little friendly bet too.

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