How To Legally Create Your Own CD’s

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The law can be quite difficult to understand when it comes to writing content to CD’s and DVD’s, for example even though you have bought and own a DVD you can’t simply write it to your own DVD disc if say you wanted to have a backup of it for some reason. This would be classed as piracy! If you have a legitimate digital copy of a film as is the case with Blu Ray films you buy you also can’t write that to a disc either.

When it comes to music the rules are similar, if you own a CD and it is scratched so you’d like to re-write it to another CD then this is copyright infringement, it is also the same if you buy an MP3 online and want to write it to a CD. There is one exception to this rule and that is with iTunes, iTunes have built it in to their terms and conditions that if you buy music in the iTunes store then you can write them to a CD for personal use.

The first step when creating your CD/DVD is to get the software. There are plenty of programs around to help decode various file types before burning them to a disc, after this the process is simple, you can just follow the on screen instructions. However, if you would like professional DVD duplication services then you can always look for companies like VP Online. If you have made a promotional DVD about your company or an instructional DVD of some kind then you are likely to want a large amount with DVD cases and proper printed out cover. Professional companies can easily do this for you and the finished product looks great.

With digital piracy becoming such a hot topic all major companies are on the look out for people disobeying the rules on it and unfortunately they tend to prosecute individuals rather than companies to get the fear factor in to people and because they can’t defend themselves in the same way a multinational company can legally.

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