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Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Modern Parenting

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Previously, those parents who seemed overly concerned with the food and wellness plans of their families were known as “health nuts”. Now being a former health nut is the new smart.

In a world where parents are having a harder and harder time juggling all aspects of career and parenting, there are ways to go about being healthy that are easy to add to the schedule.

Subscribe to a Co-op

Food is one of the touchy subjects that everyone could likely use help with. Many parents want to start preparing healthier meals for their family, but finding the time to shop for these can be hard.

Food co-ops are a great way to get natural or organic produce and meats without having to spend hours in the grocery store or doing research. Through a food co-op you can do your own bagging, or you can have a box of produce prepared for you to pick up.

Being able to provide your young children with the choice of receiving a fresh from the ground carrot versus chips is a great start to better health.

Take a Day Off for Health Appointments

Some parents, especially those who work, dread the annual checkup time, as well as the annual shots. This is a part of life that must be performed, so making it an easy event is best.

Both of the parents should schedule a joined day off in order to take care of physicals and other annual medical needs for the family. This should take place before school starts.

Having everyone get checked up and receive shots in one go during one day will take the pressure of scheduling off of busy parents. Having one family day when everyone is off is also a great way to relieve stress and spend time together.

Ditch the Cars; Bike to Work

Cars are a cause of stress for a number of reasons. Many people dislike the traffic laden ride to work. Cars are also expensive to maintain for those who drive to work everyday. Everything from gas to insurance can be high for those who commute.

Commuting to work via bike every day is one of the best ways to avoid everything bad about the work commute. Riding a bike to work several miles away will burn calories, as well as increase your energy level as you continue to exercise.

Bike lanes are being added to many different cities. Biking to work will also allow you to exercise in the commute without having to take away family time later. Killing two birds with one stone is best.

Get More Physical

A physical element is what many well rounded lives are missing. A good way to begin to get physical exercise regularly is to make painless and simple changes, like biking or walking more places, rather than driving.

Bikers and walkers have a better opportunity to drop weight and have less car related expenses. Since car payments are often several hundred dollars a month, not including taxes, insurance, or maintenance, biking is an idea that can save time, money, and health issues down the road.

Getting more physical doesn’t mean joining a gym. It can mean making the choice to exert a little more energy in regular activities and can create large changes later.

Decrease Stress by Cutting Non Necessities

Budgets are often stressful for families, especially those who have a little less left over money, or those with a lot of responsibility. Trimming the fat will allow families to “find” more spare money at the end of the month.

The fat will be items that you no longer use, or can live without. For instance, if the family is rarely home to watch more than an hour or two of television regularly, cable is not a necessity. Cut the cable bill and subscribe to an internet subscription service that can cost 10x less than the cost of average television cable.

People often cringe at the thought of lifestyle changes. Many of the changes that couples and families can make will act in the best interest of the home, and will create more health and happiness little by little.



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