London walks: There’s an exciting and inspiring guided tour for everyone

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London walks are a great way of sightseeing in the big city without simply following the crowds through busy, congested tourist hotspots.  By taking an expert guided walking tour of London you’ll get to experience the real London in an exciting way and learn lots of fascinating stories about the city’s history from your knowledgeable guide along the way.

Tourists visiting the city can experience London’s true atmosphere by taking part in a specialist guided tour away from all of the busy tourist traps.  People who already live in London can discover the enthralling history behind the streets that they frequent on a daily basis, the famous people who have walked the same roads, and the dramas that unfolded in their city hundreds of years ago.

London discovery tours come in a wide variety of different themes to cater for people of all different ages and interests; there are London walks available for everyone.  Popular themes include literature, horror, pubs and hidden London.


London has been the home to many literary geniuses in its time including Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most inspirational writers around some of the most timeless areas in London.  Visit the very same Ludgate Hill that Dickens describes in the opening pages of Bleak House.  Visit Newgate Prison, the infamous prison that features in both Dickens’ novels Oliver Twist and Great Expectations or take a step back in time and visit the sites where Shakespeare’s first staged performances took place.

Horror Tours

As with many large cities, London has more than its fair share of ghostly goings on.  Learn the history behind each of London’s chilling ghost stories as you visit some of the town’s most haunted locations.  Visit the charming back streets, cobbled lanes and alleyways that was the setting of Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol and marvel at how unchanged the area remains, as though it has stood still through time.  Follow the trail of destruction that Jack the Ripper left behind and discover the chilling details behind the terrifying murders that took place in 1888.

 Pub Tours

London is famous for its atmospheric, noisy, bustling inns and taverns that have bought the city to life for hundreds of years.  Many of these charming drinking holes have remained almost unchanged over the years and don’t they have some stories to tell!  If you enjoy a good old tipple, why not take a pub tour and your expert tour guide will be able to take you to some of the most renowned and historic pubs in the city.  Whilst you sip on a fine ale your tour guide will enchant you with tales of the bygone characters that used to frequent the very same drinking holes and the history of the area.

London walks offer you a way of taking a step back in time and experiencing the city’s true atmosphere first hand.  Unlike bus or coach tours you can take your time and use all of your senses to explore the city up close and personal.

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