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How long does it take to sell a Rolex watch?

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A Rolex watch can be sold because of a wide range of reasons. As well as when the best possible price can be paid, the owner of a Rolex watch can also sell their model because they want money quickly. When wanting to sell Rolex watches, the following should be considered so that it doesn’t take longer than necessary:

3 days

When a Rolex watch is sent to a website that issues quotes, it usually takes three days to sell it. Once a Rolex watch has been assessed, a quote will be given approximately three days afterwards. If a quote is accepted, money will be transferred into a bank account within a couple of hours. As a Rolex watch isn’t paid for via cheque, choosing a website that buys them is a great idea when money is needed immediately.

7 days

If a Rolex watch is sold via an internet auction site, such as EBay or Amazon, it can take up to a week. This is because many Rolex watch owners set their auction to last for seven days. A ‘buy it now’ price might not actually be paid until the auction closes. If a Rolex watch has a high Reserve Price, it could take seven days to be met. When cash is needed quickly, choosing an internet auction site isn’t recommended. However, if a high Reserve Price has been set, an internet auction site should be picked because it will more than likely be met.

14 days

When the owner of a Rolex watch doesn’t have a lot of free time, they will be restricted to when they can visit a jeweller that is on a high street. As a jeweller has set opening hours, a Rolex watch owner won’t be able to get many quotes if the only day that they are available is every Saturday. Although a Rolex watch is paid for immediately, it actually takes longer because its owner is restricted to when they can get quotes for it.

30 days

So that its owner gets the price they want, a listing on an internet auction site can last for thirty days. When a high price has been set on EBay or Amazon for a Rolex watch, an auction must last an entire month. However, even when a listing is created on EBay or Amazon, there is no guarantee that it will sell for the price that its owner wants. If an internet auction site has been used before to sell low value items, a completely different approach can be taken with Rolex watches. This is because internet auction sites aren’t entirely appropriate when cash is needed quickly.

By embracing this advice, it won’t take longer than necessary to sell Rolex watches. If cash is needed immediately, choosing a website that buys them is a far better option. On the other hand, when its owner is in no hurry to sell a Rolex watch, an internet auction site can be picked instead.

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