How to Maintain a High Quality of Life in Your Later Years

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Expectations for retirement are changing; one survey found that only 22% of over 55s see their retirement as time for ‘winding down’ or an extended vacation. Most see it as a time to ‘do other things’ and this is great – retirees who are socially, economically and civically engaged will live longer and the most powerful predictor of life satisfaction after retirement is the extent of person’s social network, not health or wealth.

So the best way of staying happy in your autumn years is to stay active, be sociable and eat healthily. This includes making sure we get our five a day of fruit and veg. While this is great for our body, how do we develop a better way of thinking and be happy all the time? Try to introduce a five a day for your mind.

Research shows that there are five ways to improve feelings of wellbeing and happiness. If these are adopted into daily life our mood and spirits will increase. The steps are fantastic for anybody to take up but especially for the retired.

1. Connect – Socialise with those surrounding you. It could be family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. Develop relationships and build on these connections, this community will help to combat loneliness and support and enrich your daily life.

2. Be active – Try to find an activity that you enjoy – one that agrees with your fitness and mobility levels – and do it! Activity makes you feel great and sends endorphins around your body, remember, your exercise could be as simple as walking, cycling, running, playing a game, gardening or dancing.

3. Take Notice – Curiosity has never been a bad thing, it helps you learn! Observe new things, take in your surroundings and savour the moment. Try to be mindful of the world around you and how you are feeling, in reflecting on your experiences you will begin to appreciate what really matters to you.

4. Give – Try to do something nice every day. This could be for a friend, family member or a stranger. It could be as simple as smiling at somebody to lending them a hand. Volunteer your time; help out a community group or charity. This will help you feel good and is also exceedingly satisfying – you can observe the good you’re doing to a wider community and see how it’s affecting you and the public.

5. Keep learning – Try picking up an old interest or finding something new. This will increase your confidence and is also very rewarding. It could be as simple as perfecting a recipe, fixing something or taking on more responsibility. There is nothing worse than stagnating and repeating the same thing over and over. Learning new things becomes addictive and you will soon become an expert in a whole host of activities! 


This article was written by Ruth Barton on behalf of Omar Homes, they specialise in providing retirees with park homes for sale.

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