Making Girl Shoes

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Collecting dolls is the perfect hobby for the young ladies in your life. Dolls are not the only gift for girls that can be given, because there are also large ranges of doll accessories that can be made right from the comfort of your own home.

We have done blogs similar to this in the past, showing you how to make doll dresses from home, and this time we are going to focus on creating more doll fashions right from your own home, creating the perfect gift for girls, doll shoes.

Tracing Your Dolls Feet

The first step to making shoes for collectable dolls is to stand the doll on a piece of cardboard. You want to use cardboard that is big enough to cut, but isn’t going to be too bulky. Once you have your doll standing still on the cardboard, you want to trace your dolls foot onto the board.

Once you have traced the dolls foot, you want to cut out the pattern and use it to cut two pieces of felt the same size to form the sole of the shoe.

Choosing Your Shoe Type And Cutting Out The Pattern

Now there are many different types of shoes that you can put on a doll from sandals to slippers, to Mary Janes. Depending on the type of show you want to make, you are going to cut out a different pattern to create the shoe.

You can find these different patterns with a little bit of research on the Internet, but since we want to keep this blog simple for first time shoe makers, we are going to make sandals. In order to make sandals, we have to cut two pieces of straps from the felt. The pieces don’t have to be very big, remember you are making a shoe for a doll, not an actual person.

Making The Sole

In order to make the sole, we are going to want to take one of our cardboard pieces and glue it between the two different pieces of felt. Since we are making sandals, we are going to add out straps into the mix, forming the first part of our shoe, the sole. You want to repeat this process with both shoes.

Our next step is to cut a half moon shape that is about 1/8 bigger than the sole of the shoe.

Bringing It Together

The next step is to bring the shoe together by gluing our half moon shape around the sole of the shoe and brining up the sandals and gluing the pieces to the side of the half moon shape. You are going to want to glue the half moon on to give a snug fit to the dolls foot so you don’t end up losing the shoe later on down the road.

Just like that, with a few moments of your time, some cardboard, fabric, and glue, you can make a new pair of shoes for a collectable doll. It is simple, creative, and is a gift from the heart.

Kate Carson has been writing about gifts for girls for the past 10 years, she focuses on collectable dolls and how they can be educational through culture and fashion, and develop hobbies for girls of all ages.

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