Man of Steel Movie Review

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When most movies come out, they follow a particular sequence where the older movies are an earlier time and the most recent movies are further along the timeline. However, there are some situations where movies backtrack and tell pieces of the story that are missing from previous movies. This is the case with the movie, Man of Steel. While the original Superman movie touched on the origins of Clark Kent, this movie delves deeper into his journey to Earth and what it was like for him to grow up.

A Different Experience

If you go into watching this movie expecting to see another version of the Superman you are used to, you will be sorely disappointed. This movie was a completely different take on the character most people are familiar with. It is a much darker movie than the older versions of Spiderman. Even Clark Kent and his alter-ego have a slightly different personality that will either thrill you or create a sense of disappointment because it wasn’t what you expected. Overall, the movie is well done by today’s standards but won’t leave you thinking about the older Spiderman movies.

Plenty of Flashbacks

Similar to the original Superman movie, Man of Steel lightly touches on the real origins of Clark Kent on Krypton and his journey to Earth where he is raised by human parents. The movie then flashes to his grown up state. However, unlike the original movie, this one offers plenty of flashbacks that offer additional insight and background into what it was like for the alien to grow up on Earth. This is an interesting way for long-time Superman fans to gather more information on the full background of Superman. However, it is often a much different picture than people expect. You can still catch replays of the original Superman movie if you have

A Lot of Action

If you are the type of person who really enjoys action movies, Man of Steel is the perfect option for you. With the new dynamic Superman takes on in this film, you will enjoy plenty of fight scenes and fast action that will keep your attention. The creators of this movie really did an incredible job of coordinating the fight scenes with great camera work to effectively pull viewers into the action. These scenes take place both in Clark Kent’s hometown in Kansas and in Metropolis, bringing Clark’s past and present crashing together. Like many other superhero movies, it is the action that really makes this movie.

If you are looking for a movie that continues or replicates the Superman movies of past years, this is not the option for you. However, if you are looking for a great movie that is filled with action and puts a new dynamic on this superhero, you will truly enjoy Man of Steel. This movie takes a well-known superhero and adds a more modern touch to the story. Even though some of this story is repeated from the earlier films, you won’t feel bored while you watch because there are plenty of new elements that have been added. In addition, the overall story has changed drastically, pitting Superman against the evils left from his home planet, bringing the two worlds together.

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